Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Praise the Lord for His Goodness!Thank you to so many of you whom we have gotten to see or hear Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from through cards, emails, etc. We trust that you had a blessed Christmas and great beginning to 2020! Thank you to those who sent gifts or monies. We appreciate your generosity!

Thank you for your prayers and concern for our family during this time. For sure, though, God is moving, and prayer works. Many have inquired regarding our situation. Our teammates were able to get our things out of our house and into storage before the house will be torn down. Praise God for everyone’s help and God’s direction there! Wa__ has been so instrumental in many of the better visa options we have looked into. We went through a process over some months filling out paperwork for one of these options, but even after willingly taking our money, they denied it because of my college degrees not being from an approved college. Other options have not gone that far in the process because the demands that they wanted would not have fit our situation should a visa have been granted. In one case, the business had to go dormant because of ongoing Chinese political situations.

While there are still some options on the mainland, it is unsure if any of these will go through either. Please continue to pray for wisdom. Early in the month of February, Lord willing, we are planning on taking a trip toward China and Republic of China – Taiwan to evaluate some possible options there. It seems that the Lord may have some open doors there, and we are eager to see how He leads us. Please pray for this trip. Please pray for our travels, both in the States as well as overseas.

Also, our teammate still in country found out last week that the school where we worked for three years and where he has worked for the last eight and a half years is being shut down by the government. They will be moving the beginning of February. Please pray for safety for his employer and his family in this very difficult situation.

God knows how to encourage at just the right times. We were headed to the Asian Sunday School Class, and there was a Chinese lady named M___ there who had ridden the bus. She didn’t speak the best of English. Though she claimed to be a Christian, she had not put her faith and trust in only Jesus. It was so encouraging for my wife and me to be able to share the simplicity of the Gospel with her and for her to put her faith and trust in Him alone. She then got baptized that day. My wife and I were able to translate in the service and when she got baptized. Praise the Lord!

Our oldest daughter believed on Jesus a while back, and over the Christmas holidays, she chose to get baptized. I was able to baptize her. She was scared of the water but did it anyway—very proud of her!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We could not do what we do without folks like you!

In His service,

Missionary 6011 and Family

Prayer Requests

1. Clarity, direction during Republic of China trip 4. Good transition for teammates
2. Wisdom 5. Laborers
3. Safety and travels 6. Those in China