Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter:  A Fruitful Time“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain . . . .” (John 15:16)

December and January have been a fruitful time for the M_____s. The Lord blessed our family in seeing several souls trust Christ. T___ led his first soul to Christ in America. E_____ led a man to Christ at Teen Soul Winning. S_____ was able to see a couple Chinese visitors saved in the Asian Sunday school class, and I got to lead two Michaels (Miguel and Mike) to the Lord in C______. I also got to lead Nick, a 32-year-old man, to the Lord in Jacksonville. We are thankful to know that God trusts us to spread His Gospel to those in need.

January has also been our great deputation kickoff. We were snowbirds this year as we traveled from north to south. We started with family and friends in Ohio for a fun New Year’s Eve service. We were then able to speak at another church Marion, Ohio. We appreciate the new support and the friendships we made there and look forward to laboring with them. We also had the pleasure of traveling across North Carolina from mountains to ocean. We were privileged to enjoy the hospitality of the people in Marion during their Missions Conference. How great it was to experience the zeal of these humble people. It was also nice to reconnect with several old friends as we passed through Durham. Our march across North Carolina finished with the Marines in Jacksonville. We were blessed to join them and their pastor for a blessed weekend in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

We appreciate all the kindness people have shown toward us and the support we have begun to receive that will help us get back to the people of China. Daily we receive messages from our anxious friends in China asking when we will return. Even now our hearts are drawn toward the day we pack up and head back to our Chinese church family.

Please be praying for our fellow laborers, the W_____ family. They will be returning to China in the next two weeks. Please also pray for A___ and J___ as they lead the church in China while we are not in country. Pray for the church to grow and the people to walk close to God. Another prayer request is for A___ A_____, the Christian school in China. They have had to disperse into apartments due to pressure from the government to shut down. Pray for the faith of the parents and the wisdom of the leaders of the school as they continue to have classes. As always, please also pray for the Holy Spirit to guide as we continue to raise support to return to the field.

Missionary #6004 and Family