Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  So Receptive to the GospelThe Ghanaian people are so receptive to the Gospel. Let me give you an example of this.

When I need to go downtown, I prefer to take an Uber so I can make good use of my time instead of just sitting behind the wheel in traffic, and the cost is less than $5 per trip. Over the last several months, I have had the opportunity to win quite a few Uber drivers to Christ.

My son John is in braces right now. (Can you find John in the pictures below? We praise the Lord that braces cost much less here than in the States.) About once every six weeks, John has a dental appointment for which we travel back and forth by Uber. I thank God for these opportunities to share the Gospel.

Uber driver Paul drove us to the dentist yesterday. He started the conversation by asking me how many years I have been in the “pastoral” ministry. He then asked, “What must a person do in order to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour?” What an open door! After hearing the Gospel, he gladly placed his faith in Christ alone.

On the way home, I won Reindolf to Christ. He sent me a WhatsApp message afterwards saying, “Thx Mike n God bless you too..it was nice meeting you..trust me I really needed the sermon…I believe the Lord sent you to me this afternoon cuz am determined in making it to heaven as well.” Here are photos of eight Uber drivers who have professed their faith in Christ recently:

Please pray for these drivers to grow in grace. We would love for them to start attending our church. Would you pray also for our new church plant in Mamponteng that needs a building? fbmi.org/mpg/mamponteng

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver