Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Reached in TimeI thank God for the freedom that we have here in Ghana to go about our normal activities like soul winning, church, Bible college, and shopping. Pretty much the only restriction we are facing is the wearing of masks. We realize that there are other countries that are far more restrictive. We rejoice that people here are just as hungry as ever for the Gospel.

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, I pick up my class member Ben Darkwah for church. However, this past Sunday, he called to tell me that his leg was swollen, so he could not come. I called to check on him just a few minutes ago. He was in good spirits. While I was praying with Mr. Darkwah, one of our class members showed up at his house to visit him. This was a huge blessing to me because on Sunday morning I had taught on Jesus healing the man at the pool of Bethesda and the importance of every one of us (not just the teacher) visiting the sick. Someone in my class was listening! Every teacher and preacher can appreciate the joy I felt in knowing that the truth I shared is making a difference. Please pray for Mr. Darkwah; swollen legs are never a good sign. I thank God that our class is still averaging close to 100 even though some of our class members just branched off to start two new adult classes at the end of 2020.

Upcoming Marriage Seminar

On March 5 & 6, our church will hold a banquet and a Marriage Seminar for the couples of our church. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Bosje will be our guest speakers. Brother Bosje leads our missions agency and is the missions pastor at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. I am praising the Lord that 14 couples from our class plan to attend. March 8-10, Dr. and Mrs. Bosje and Pastor and Mrs. Speer will also conduct a Marriage Seminar for the pastors and wives of our daughter churches and our staff. We are busy planning and praying for these crucial events. Please pray for God to use the Bosjes and the Speers to help the marriages of our churches.

Reached in Time

In December, I wrote about a centenarian who trusted Christ. Nana Kwame Oppong was the grandfather of our class member Ansah Boakye. Ansah missed church on February 14, so I went to visit him this past Saturday. Outside of his home, I saw the banner, like an obituary, announcing the death of his grandfather at age 102. I thank God for Heaven. I thank God for bringing my family here to Ghana. Ansah’s family was very thankful for our visit and for our love. They asked me if I would preach Mr. Oppong’s funeral, which will not be held until the end of April. Please pray that many of Mr. Oppong’s family and friends will receive the Gospel on that day.

Here is a link to a short update video I put together last month:http://tinyurl.com/SarverJan2021.  Alongside the grace of God, your prayers and support allow us to keep doing what we are doing here in Ghana. Thank you! Try scanning with your phone.

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben