Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Lockdown Lifted--Let's Go Soul Winning[This month Maria agreed to take at turn writing our prayer letter. Enjoy! – Mike] During these unusual times, I know God is in control, and I see Him continue to work here in Ghana; this brings me great peace and joy.

Souls Saved

For three weeks, we were under a lockdown here in Kumasi. We could only go out for necessities. We praise the Lord that Michael still won several taxi and Uber drivers to Christ as he did our shopping for us. Now that the lockdown is lifted, I am so thankful to go visiting again!

Two of our church ladies, Mavis and Emmanuella, shared my excitement to go out soul winning again. The first week after the lockdown was lifted, I won a young lady named Patience to Christ, and Emmanuella won two boys. Then on Sunday, May 3, due to the generosity of a church in the States, our church distributed rice, oil, and hand sanitizer to 250 people in our community. An elderly lady named Mary was one of the recipients. I had talked with her several years before, but she never had time to listen to the Gospel. Last Thursday, though, she listened as Mavis led her to the Lord! I think our church’s kindness softened her heart and allowed us the opportunity to give her the Gospel. On the same day, I won a young lady named Rita to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Bible Studies

We are staying in contact with our Common Faith Sunday School Class members with phone calls, visits, and social media. We want them to stay in the Word of God and stay focused on Jesus. Michael put together interactive Bible studies for them on WhatsApp, a social media platform that is popular in Ghana. For each lesson, our class members have to look up several passages of Scripture, answer a simple question, and then receive the next lesson. I thank the Lord for the 14 ladies I am guiding through these studies.


This time of COVID-19 has given us more focused family time together in the Bible, prayer, memorizing Scripture, and singing. What a joy it has been to see our children grow in grace. They are also learning some new instruments, have done several fun crafts, and have read several books. And we are thankful for the fun our kids can have with the other team children!

Prayer Requests

Let’s pray that we all get back to church very soon. We ask that you pray that our Sunday school class members and the converts mentioned above will grow in Christ and know God’s will and do it.

In Christ,

Maria Sarver for the Family