Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: A Change of Plans

Change of Plans

A little over a month ago, we were waiting to board our flight from Kumasi to Accra to begin our two-month furlough in the States. A downpour cancelled that flight, so we missed our international flight. The cost to change our tickets was about $4,500, but to completely cancel our plans would have been a waste of far more money than that and would’ve brought much heartache on both sides of the ocean. God used the kindness of friends and family and churches to cover that $4,500 in less than two weeks. We are so thankful.

An Open Door

After arriving in Virginia, I was praying for boldness to witness and opportunities to do so when the Holy Spirit reminded me that I already had a prospect. A friend of our family had met Eunice, a Ghanaian lady who worked at Virginia Tech, and gotten her contact information for us. When I called, Eunice was warm and receptive like most Ghanaians are. She invited us over for dinner the next night! Her husband Kwame, mother Mabel, and three boys were there too. My wife and I enjoyed some Ghanaian fare, like chicken and jollof rice and even some beef kabobs. (We passed on the fried fish with the eyes still staring up at us.)

After dinner, I asked if I could have a Bible study with them, and they readily agreed. We looked at what the Bible teaches about being rescued from the Lake of Fire. From her profession, I believe Eunice was already saved. After about two hours, I believe Kwame, Mabel, and Eunice’s oldest son put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. Kwame lives in Kumasi within driving distance of our church, so we will be able to follow up.

Another Open Door

I had the privilege to go soul winning with my father-in-law, Paul Osgood, this past Saturday. My wife’s family attends Rochester Baptist Church in Rochester, Minnesota, pastored by Brother Don Noonan. What a great church! They had an enthusiastic crowd out for soul winning. Joel, the last person Brother Osgood and I talked to, allowed me to share the Gospel with him. I believe his faith is now in Christ alone for salvation. Also, Pastor Noonan’s daughter had a coworker, Agot, visit church. Agot was from South Sudan. I had the privilege to lead him to Christ. Please pray for Joel and Agot to grow in grace. And would you put Pastor Noonan’s 14-year-old son Nate on your prayer list? He was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Wonderful News!

In 2014, our daughter Joy was diagnosed with epilepsy. For the last 4½ years, she has been on a drug to control seizures, but when we took her for a checkup in June, her doctor told us the drug was no longer needed. We praise the good Lord for that!

Keep Praying for the Work in Ghana.

We miss our fellow missionaries, our Sunday school class, my staff, and our Bible college students. (It helps that we get to watch our own update video nearly every Sunday and Wednesday. Here is a link if you would like to see it too: tinyurl.com/SarversGhana2019.) Please pray that God uses us to be a blessing as we travel and teach and preach over the next 3½ weeks.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver