Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Spreading the Gospel in 2019Harmattan is in Ghana! Harmattan is a dry wind that comes from the Sahara Desert at this time of year, and it brings a lot of fine dust with it. When I look out into the distance, it looks like there is fog—but it is actually a haze of dust in the air. Sometimes the dust is thick enough that, even up close, the air seems filled with a thin fog or smoke. It doesn’t take long for a layer of dust to cover anything that isn’t moving. People often get sick during Harmattan, partly from the weather changing and partly from breathing dust. I am thankful that Abbie, AnnaBeth, and I are all doing well despite Harmattan.

Abbie is due to deliver our baby boy in late January. Please pray for the delivery and the recovery. AnnaBeth’s birth went amazingly well, and we believe it was due to so many people praying for us.

Please also pray that we would be able to get our new baby’s paperwork all finished quickly and smoothly. We plan to come back to the States for a two-month furlough in October and November, but the baby’s paperwork will all have to be in place. If you would like to have us come to your church when we are in the States, please call me at (219) 713-1666, or email me at christiansens2ghana@gmail.com. We would love to be able to see you again!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support throughout this last year. Please continue to pray for Abbie and me as we work at learning Twi. Please continue to pray that God will use us to influence children’s hearts to serve Him. Please also pray for a staffing need we have at our Christian school. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in spreading the Gospel in Ghana throughout 2019!

Fruit to Your Account

I met a man named Collins across the street from the church. I started to give him the Gospel, but as we continued to talk, it became obvious that Collins’ English was more limited than what I had first thought. When we reached the third point, Collins was not able to understand. He was the one to suggest that I take his number and call him when I had someone who could translate for me. It took a few attempts to find a time when I had a translator and when Collins was available, but eventually we succeeded. My translator and I had just started talking to Collins at his house when a friend of his named Frimpong walked up and sat down to listen. I felt like I had found a two-for-one sale! Giving the Gospel took two hours, because they both had some questions and because translating doubles the time, but when we finished, Collins and Frimpong both decided to trust Jesus alone for salvation.

When I first came to Ghana, I went to the hospital for a routine blood test. A man named Patrick drew my blood. He was very friendly and helpful, so I took his number, thinking I might have an opportunity to meet him later and witness to him. However, to be honest, I forgot. Thankfully, God does not forget. God arranged a “chance” meeting a few months ago as I was walking downtown. Patrick remembered my name! He had to remind me who he was, but then I did remember. I couldn’t witness to him then, but God reminded me about Patrick again in early December. I called him and arranged to meet him at the hospital after he finished work. Witnessing to Patrick was so easy! He quickly understood the truth and asked excellent questions. Patrick gladly put his faith in Christ.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen