Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Soul-Winning Blessings!God has decided to bless Abbie and me with another child! Baby Christiansen is due to arrive in late January 2019. We covet your prayers for Abbie and the baby. We would love to have this pregnancy and delivery go as well as the last one.

Another great blessing I have had in the last couple of months involves two young men: Manass and Ibrahim. In late May, I was walking through downtown Kumasi when a man called to me from behind. He wanted to talk. He found out I was a missionary, and I found out he was a religious-studies student at a university in Kumasi. His name was Manass (Twi for “Manasseh”). I couldn’t witness to him then, but we exchanged phone numbers. God gave me the idea of inviting him to our soul-winning training, and Manass jumped at the idea of learning “evangelism.” He agreed to come to church Sunday morning so that he could begin learning about it right away. I spent over an hour witnessing to him after the service, and Manass believed on Jesus alone for salvation.

That same Sunday I had another visitor. The day before, a man whom I hadn’t even noticed walked up to me and told me, “I will go to church with you tomorrow.” However, I have had similar things happen before, and those people never come, so I didn’t believe him—not even a little bit. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him on Sunday morning. I did so, still not believing he would come. However, Ibrahim answered the phone, said he would come, and was at the church before I was!

The next Saturday I went to witness to Ibrahim with Manass as my translator. We ended up witnessing to a whole group! It was so much fun to see Manass trying to convince people of things he hadn’t believed himself only a week earlier! At the end, Ibrahim, Abdullah (who said, “I am Muslim, but I want to convert to Christianity.”), and Kelvin (an “evangelist” who was in the area passing out false Gospel tracts) put their faith in Christ. Ibrahim and Manass have continued to attend services, and Manass has continued to come soul winning. Please pray for their growth in Christ.

Fruit to Your Account

One day in late June, I went soul winning with Desmond, a 15-year-old student at Fundamental Baptist Academy. He has been a silent partner and translator for various soul winners, and I decided Desmond was ready to witness by himself. He was nervous and uncertain, but I believed he could do it. I spotted four boys sitting in some shade by their front gate and started talking to them. Then I said Desmond was going to tell them how to go to Heaven. Desmond took the lead from there, and he did a great job of keeping the boys’ attention and of keeping them involved. He was thorough, and we believe three of the boys got saved! All four of the boys came to Bible Club later that day, and they have brought the majority of the Bible Club’s visitors since then! It is such a blessing to get to help others start to bear fruit!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen