Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Giving Children the Gospel!I am so excited about what God has done in the month of April! Missionaries Mark and Sabrina Holmes, Assistant Pastor Adewale Adesina, and Evangelist Babatunde Ajayi came from Nigeria to help our church with our second S.M.I.T.E. (Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism). S.M.I.T.E. teaches people how to conduct Bible Clubs and how to witness to children. We thank God that 80 people from 5 different churches came for training! We conducted 16 different Bible Clubs, and over 1,000 children attended throughout the course of the week. Over 500 children professed faith in Christ.

In Ghana’s culture, most adults would be insulted if a teenager tried to witness to them. Children are the greatest witnessing opportunity available to teenagers. That is why I am heading up a new Saturday soul-winning program to conduct Bible Clubs each week. We will go to one area for five consecutive weeks and conduct Bible Clubs and witness to the children. Then we will go to a new area and do it all over again. Please pray that many teenagers will get involved in this new ministry and that they will grow as a result of it. Please pray that many children will be saved and whole families will be impacted by the Gospel.

Pastor Speer had the idea of creating an illustrated salvation plan as an aid in witnessing to children, and I had the privilege of being the one to develop it. I also had the privilege of teaching how to use the illustrated plan at S.M.I.T.E., and I have already heard some great reports. One of our bus captains told me that he used the illustrated plan to witness to over 30 children on his route, and 15 of them got saved! I am now starting this same training for those church members who are interested. Praise God, 14 children came to the first training session to learn how to give the Gospel! Please pray that many more will come and learn.

Fruit to Your Account

One Saturday morning in March after I had prayed for a divine appointment, my partner and I were stopped by a lady named Gifty, who asked if we were from Fundamental Baptist Church. She said she wanted her son Richmond to start going to church with us. I invited her to come to church with her son. Gifty said that she would like to come, but she didn’t speak English. Our services are in English and Twi, but some people assume that the services are only in English because the pastor is white. We informed Gifty that she could come and understand everything. She agreed to come to church the next day. It actually ended up being two weeks later, but Gifty and Richmond did come to church! Richmond heard the Gospel that day, but Gifty did not have time for the soul winner to finish. I tried witnessing to her through a translator at her store, but Gifty did not understand the Gospel. Later I brought Peter Frimpong, one of our church’s excellent soul winners, and she understood the Gospel and got saved! One of her friends came and listened and also got saved! Now Gifty’s husband has expressed interest in coming to church. Please pray that he will come and get saved. Please pray that Gifty and Richmond will grow in the Lord.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen