Micah Bull Prayer Letter: New Beginning!God has been blessing us beyond what we could imagine with our new beginning! He has provided prayer cards, a banner, and other deputation material. He is so good!

Recently, we had our first meeting with Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Corona, California. God gave us the opportunity to be with Pastor Vanderpool and his people on an International Sunday. The food was delicious, the fellowship was delightful, and the friends were a blessing. There we met a new family, who recently started to attend the church. We are so glad God allowed us to see a small part of the church growth.

While soul winning with Faith Baptist Church of Wildomar, California, God gave me the opportunity to witness to a previous coworker. While working, we were both driving for the company, so there was not much time to witness to him. During Saturday soul winning, we came to his house and shared the Gospel. Unfortunately, he did not accept Christ as his Saviour, but we believe, prayerfully, that one day he will.

God has been working behind the scenes with Arianna’s adjustment of status to become a resident. Arianna is from Canada and is going through the process to become a U.S. citizen, so please pray for a fast process. By faith, we are planning that her paperwork will be finished so she can go on the trip to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her next step will be an interview on October 3, 2019.

Please pray for:

• Wisdom.
• Arianna’s adjustment process.
• Scheduling conferences and meetings.
• Souls to hear the Gospel.

Thank you for your help with getting us started on the journey God has for us to get to Japan. It is so encouraging to see what God has done, and we look forward to seeing what He will do in our future.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel