Micah Bull Prayer Letter:  Impossible Is God’s PossibleTo God be the glory! God did the impossible this past month! Once again, because of your continued prayer, God has guided and provided in miraculous ways. People were saved, Gospel seeds were planted, and God provided us with a very specific van! We thank God for your prayers and continued financial support! “And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

Tuesday, September 1, we arrived on the Hyles-Anderson College campus with our sister Naomi to assist her with registration for her first year. Throughout the week, we attended chapel and helped Naomi settle in, meet friends, and make new friends. Saturday, September 5, was a day of visitation on the north side of Chicago with David Brown, a Hyles-Anderson student. At the very first door, we faced opposition, but knowing others needed to hear Christ, we persevered and found Victor. Victor’s family attended a Catholic church, and Victor questioned if a priest could get him saved. After sharing the Bible and the Gospel, Victor believed on the name of Jesus Christ—not on a priest. After soul winning, we visited a former bus family and found out that two of the boys are now attending City Baptist School, a Christian school for Chicago bus children only. Praise the Lord! It was an encouragement to see their growth in the Lord. The following Saturday, Brother Lawrence Williams was my soul-winning partner, and we were able to plant the seeds of the Gospel with Ray and Heidi.

Monday, September 7, God had a divine appointment for us at Walmart! Near the light signal to the entrance of the store, a family was asking for food, a job, and anything we could give them. Arianna and I did not have cash, but Naomi did and was willing to give. After the girls were dropped off, I drove back to the family, gave them the money, and talked to Alex (the father). He told me that they had driven from Houston, Texas, to Chicago so he could get a job. During this attempt, his “immigrant paperwork,” as he called it, became annulled, so now he and his family were homeless. After telling his story, Alex heard the story of Someone Who loves him. Alex trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, and now he will never be homeless in Heaven!

We arrived in Missouri for a Wednesday night service with our supporting church. With them, we did a Bible study and had fellowship after the service. After our family returned to the home where we were staying, word of a vehicle for sale reached us. Immediately, a message was left on the seller’s voicemail, and the next morning, another call was made to ensure it was still available. Introductions were made, and an explanation of interest was given. I explained that we did not have the money yet, because we had to use our support while we were in Canada for five months. On September 16, our hosting couple felt led to give us $1,000.00 and loan us $5,500.00 to purchase the vehicle. Immediately, the seller was called, and we said we were willing to buy the vehicle! God began to put everything into place, and we followed His guidance. Saturday, September 19, it was joy to pass out tracts and John and Romans with Ryan, Trevor, Alex, and Jared for the Bible Baptist Church “Show Me the Gospel” project.

On Sunday, September 20, we attended Faith Baptist Church of Eldon, Missouri, where we taught Sunday school, preached the morning message, and presented the ministry God has for us. We were able to eat lunch with Bro. Wayne (interim pastor) and his family. In the evening, we dropped in for a service with Pastor Randy Dignan and the people of Bible Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Missouri. After the service, we had dinner with Ryan Nelson, a friend from our sending church in Wildomar, and a few of his friends. During the week, we picked up our new vehicle and spent time with Pastor Tom McConkey and his family and the people of Liberty Baptist Church, another supporting church. Now we know what it felt like when Paul returned to his supporting churches after his first journey. It was a blessing to share updates and see the familiar faces of our supporting churches!

Please pray for:

1. Souls to be saved.
2. God to quickly provide $5,500.00 for the loan of a generous couple (needed because we had to use our support while in Canada).
3. The scheduling of new meetings.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel