Micah Bull Prayer Letter: Greetings From Canada!God has been so merciful with all of the traveling, due to your prayers! To God be the glory! We also want to praise God for Liberty Baptist Church of Yuma, Arizona, for taking part in the furtherance of the Gospel. Thank you, Pastor McConkey and the people of Liberty Baptist Church! I also want to thank God for His true promise, which we can claim, that He will direct our paths. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6)

On Monday, March 2, I was with Pastor TJ Mitchell and the people of Bayou Baptist Church in Monroe, Louisiana. During the short visit, I really enjoyed getting to know some of the members. After the service, Pastor Andrews’ mother-in-law, a member of Bayou Baptist Church, told me that Dr. Donald Sisk was at her son-in-law’s church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. While at the coffee shop, we became more acquainted and found out that Pastor Mitchell had only been there for eight months. Please pray for the new adjustment with the Mitchell family and the people of Bayou Baptist Church.

On Tuesday, March 3, Pastor Jeremiah Andrews arranged the possibility for me to sneak into Central Baptist Church’s Missions Conference. During the dinner hour, Pastor Andrews arranged my seating across from Dr. Sisk, and later I had the honor of listening to him preach during the service. There I met some wonderful missionaries: the Hoffmans, the Daggetts, Sarah Fish, and Caleb Terry (a church planter). After talking with the missionaries, God began to show us how involved He is in all of our lives. The Hoffmans are friends with Jared and Tilly Cutforth, Arianna’s cousin who lives in New Zealand. Caleb Terry, a senior I looked up to when I was a freshman at Hyles-Anderson College, was often on the same night bus, and Mr. and Mrs. Daggett know Dan and Terri Gardner, missionaries to Japan whom I stayed with for 2½ months. Later that night, Naomi, the hotel clerk, heard the plan of salvation but did not receive Christ. Please be in prayer for her to one day receive Jesus.

On Wednesday, March 4, Dr. Sisk shared his experience in Japan and gave wisdom on what to do when we first get to Japan. After the conversation, I left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to be with Pastor Alan Bartlett, connected with the previous churches, for the evening service at Central Baptist Church. Speaking of God’s involvement, I was reintroduced to Josiah, someone I met at S.M.I.T.E. camp while on tour in 2015, and to my friend Ben Rogillio’s wife, whom I met on tour while she traveled for Providence Baptist College. I am so glad God is the One Who plans our lives!

March 6-9, I flew to Ohio for a meeting on Sunday, March 8. On Saturday, Pastor Josh Jackson introduced me to some of his members. The following Sunday, I was given the opportunity to teach the adult Sunday school class and preach for their afternoon service.

March 11-15, I was with Pastor Warren Johnson and the people of Grace Baptist Church of Flower Mound, Texas. On the last day of the Missions Conference, the Holy Spirit woke me up early in the morning. He urged me to go and hand out John and Romans tracts, which my host family had access to, before Sunday school. There must have been people who needed to know there was hope in the midst of this new event.

If you have any concern with my family being affected by the Coronavirus, rest assured, God is keeping us safe. Here in Canada, we are in a city with no cases of the virus. Next, Lord willing, we will be with Pastor Brian Rice and the people of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on April 5.

Please pray for:

1. Arianna’s pregnancy.
2. The travel advisory to be lifted so we can get back to California.
3. Wisdom with scheduling and going to churches.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel