Micah Bull Prayer Letter: A Month of GratitudeOur hearts are full of gratitude toward you all as Paul was inspired to write. “We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers.” (I Thessalonians 1:2)

At the beginning of the month of November, we finished a Missions Conference with Pastor Michael Lamb and Landmark Baptist Church of Parkersburg West Virginia. The Carpenter family were our wonderful hosts and were a great blessing! I had the honor of going soul winning with one of the teenage boys who received permission to miss class to go soul winning. It was encouraging to see how important soul winning was to him. During one of the meetings, Devin Mayle (a teen) invited us to go visiting on his dad’s bus route. While visiting on the route, God revealed the heart of a bus captain who cares for the people he serves. Saturday night, Pastor Lamb and the people of Landmark Baptist Church put together an awesome International Dinner. Sunday morning, we were part of the Primary Department and had a blast!

After the conference in West Virginia, we had a long trip back home to make it to an appointment for Arianna’s green card. Thank you so much to those who have been praying for Arianna’s adjustment of status! God has answered all of your prayers. Arianna is now a permanent resident! I would like to share a small testimony of how God moved behind the scenes of the process. Before we left California to attend the conferences, we were scheduled for an appointment. By faith, we had to choose between our meeting at a conference or an important appointment. We decided that God owns the government and is ultimately the One in charge, so we left. During our meetings and conferences, God was working on the heart of the officer who was reviewing the case. When we arrived for our appointment, our officer was already familiar with us and all our information. It was an appointment that lasted less than an hour, with very minimal questioning. God truly controls all!

We then were part of my mother’s wedding. Oakley and I were the “flower girl” for the wedding. I say “we,” because Oakley would pick up the flowers after I threw them. To explain my mother’s new marriage, I would like to share a short story. My father passed away seven years ago on December 6, 2012. My mom was a widow until her recent marriage to Steve Sandburg. He also lost his loved one years ago. He is a man I am honored to have as a friend and mentor. I am so thankful for the way God put their lives together.

We have been home in the California area for the holidays and have been traveling less. Arianna is expecting our second child and is having a hard time traveling in a vehicle for more than an hour. God has showed me the life a family has to live every day. After being in one place for a little while, I understand all the hard work families go through. I realize how strong a wife is and how hard a father has to work to help his children and wife at the same time. Also, I have learned how hard a lady works while at home. All this to say, thank you for your love for missionaries and their families when you host them. Thank you for the sacrificial giving of your time and financial support. Your investment is eternal.

Next, we will be staying in California for the holidays and will be at our home church’s Missions Conference in January. Please pray that Arianna will no longer have morning sickness and will be able to travel more often, so we can go to more meetings.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel