Mark Tossell Prayer Letter:  Second Service Has Doubled in SizeHow thankful we are for your prayers and support as we continue in our 15th year of service on the field of Australia. God has been good.

First, thank you for your prayers regarding our health. Christina, overall, is much better. Praise God! She still struggles with chronic illness, including diabetes and degenerative disc disease, but she has not been to the emergency room for months. Also, my voice is beginning to heal again, after mysteriously disappearing again for a number of weeks. Adam is well, thankfully.

The church is doing well. A change of service times has helped to double our second Sunday service, which is exciting. What a blessing it is to see people grow as they feed upon the Word. God has added several new people to our congregation; please pray that they would become active and fruitful in the body of Christ.

Praise God for the Gospel going out into our community on a regular basis. We have seen a number of souls come to Christ since our last letter, for which we are thankful. Also, it was exciting for me to be able to preach the Gospel at a friend’s church recently and see 2 people saved. God is faithful as we knock on doors, pass out tracts, and speak to people wherever we go.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for the grace of God for us to continue to be faithful in the ministry.
• Pray for more souls to be saved—for fruit that remains.
• Pray for spiritual growth among our people.
• Pray for more laborers. Sydney has five million people, many of whom have never heard the Gospel.
• Pray for my sister Nichola, as she endures a debilitating, chronic illness.

May God richly bless you and use you. We appreciate your prayers and support.

By God’s grace,

Mark and Christina Tossell
I Corinthians 15:10