Mark Tossell Prayer Letter:  Church-Wide Day of Prayer and FastingWe can’t thank you enough for your prayers. It is the eternal and inexhaustible grace of God that enables us to serve Him, and that grace is supplied in answer to your prayers.

How thankful we are for the comfort of God in all our tribulation. The last twelve months have been a trial of fire for us, yet how true it is that we learn more in the valley than we do on the mountaintop. “More about Jesus, let me learn; more of His holy will discern.”

This Saturday we are having our first-ever church-wide day of prayer and fasting (March 16). Please pray with us concerning this very special event. May God do great things in answer to prayer and fasting! (Matthew 17:21)

We praise God for blessing His Word with fruit. We have seen a number of people come to Christ since our last letter, and we also have been blessed with new people coming to church. One young man named Ben found us via our website; he did not know there was a fundamental church in the area. Pray for Ben; he desires to be baptized soon and has a real love for the Word.

We are sad for those who have strayed from the Lord’s house, however. Please pray for Philip, Pearl, Mikel, Robert and Beverly, and Russell and Auktje. Thank you.

Please pray for good health, for wisdom and power, for closeness to God, for more laborers, and for much more spiritual fruit. How prone I am to wander from the Saviour! I need those fresh daily mercies, so pray for me, please. Oh, how we need revival!

Ain’t God good?

By His grace,

Mark Tossell
I Corinthians 15:10