Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  Outstanding October And November!God has blessed our October and November in a tremendous way. More are participating with our monthly meetings for ladies, men, and singles; and we had a great turnout for our first Family Fun Night. Souls have been saved almost every week in personal soul winning, church services, and evangelistic activities.

On November 1, Peruvians celebrate the “Day of the Dead.” This is a national holiday when everyone visits their buried loved ones. All major cemeteries will host a festival, much like a county fair. Our church and Pastor Zach Foust’s church are very close to one of the world’s largest cemeteries. This year, November 1 was on a Sunday. Pastor Faust invited us and eight of our soul winners to spend Sunday afternoon passing out tracts at the cemetery. We wrote a new tract for the occasion. Other church members spent the week folding these tracts. There were so many people at and around the cemetery that we passed out 5,000 tracts in 2½ hours. We were done with our tracts just as we were entering the door. The need here is incredible! Please pray with us for a much greater endeavor next November 1.

Every Wednesday night for October and November, we taught our Physical Proofs of the Faith Bible series at Pastor Huamani’s church in the next district. The pleasure was ours to see his attendance grow during the series. Back in June we taught on personal evangelism at this church. A thrill to my soul was to see the pastor and his members leading visitors to Christ after the services. After our lesson on Sodom and Gomorrah, a boy named Abdel from a visiting church came to me and said, “I want to preach the Gospel. How can I be a preacher?” Excuse me for a moment—AMEN! GLORY TO GOD! HALLELUJAH! WOOH! Ok, I’m back. The following week I was able to meet with his pastor and share some ideas to keep Abdel moving forward with his decision.

On November 14, our church was privileged to host Team Peru’s Pastors’ Workshop. About 20 pastors came with their wives for 10 hours of teaching on marriage, family, and ministry. I had the opportunity to teach 4 sessions. The response from the pastors was fantastic. They praised the spirit of the teaching and said it was exactly what was needed. They left asking for more workshops.

We have more stories and blessings to share still. More families attending are participating. Many are ready to help with our Christmas plans. Please pray that God will use the people of our church in a mighty way. Please pray for our team during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thank you for your faithfulness, sacrifice, love, and prayers. God bless you, and please have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, & Samuel