Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  More Blessings Than We Can Receive!

God truly is pouring out more blessings than we can receive here in Peru. We are seeing people saved every week. There was one week that I had the privilege of leading a different adult man to Christ almost every night. Our Creation Bible Study covers events from Day One of Creation to the real Mt. Sinai. Pastor Hubbard has asked me to make the Bible study ready for reproduction. We are nearly finished with a written curriculum for adults, an illustrated curriculum for children, and a PowerPoint curriculum. Altogether, our PowerPoint presentation consists of 1,040 slides so far. Meanwhile our churches are growing, and new members are being added.

Our Creation Bible Study is viewed by some to be a vestigial part of church growth, but I beg to differ. Our area of Surco, Lima, is surrounded by universities. While out soul winning in this area, we have often heard comments such as, “But God doesn’t exist,” “I don’t believe in Creation,” or “The Bible can’t be true; it contains Genesis.” We have already had a few testimonies, including my own, that the facts we learn in the Creation class have aided our members in their soul winning. Our class has had visitors, souls saved, and members added to the church.

Speaking of church growth, our church in Surco just enjoyed its First-Year Anniversary Sunday. The church filled up, and we had men standing outside. Over all we had a record attendance of 120, with 12 people saved. We have a small room for the children; it was so packed we could barely move. Also, we just started a rotation for the men of the church to teach a lesson in children’s church. This has been beneficial for our class and also edifying for the men of our church. Making disciples is our goal.

We have also been very busy with construction projects for the past month. My parents, Kyle and Carla Rader, came for a visit. During their visit I had the pleasure of working with my dad for three days as we prepared and poured a new concrete floor for Pastor Hubbard’s church in Chorrillos.

We also did some necessary traveling the past couple of months. The second week of April, our team took a two-day retreat together. We visited a remote hotel three hours from Lima. Since our duties usually keep us busy and separated, this trip was very much needed for rest and reunion. In May our family went to Ecuador again to renew our children’s visas. We are now ready to start the process to obtain Savannah and Paul’s permanent-resident status. During our three-day trip, God gave us some much-needed rest. Our favorite things were air conditioning in the room, breakfast at the hotel, and a Wendy’s restaurant 2½ blocks away.

You all have been so kind to us. Thank you to those of you who have sent additional help for Samuel Noah, our newest addition to the family. We know times are not easy for our friends Stateside, so we are very grateful for your sacrificial giving. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to make what happens here possible. For your love, support, and prayers, we are most grateful. God bless you.

In the service of the King,

The Rader Family
Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, and Samuel