Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  Making DisciplesNovember has been filled with non-stop blessings here in Peru. This was our first full month as pastor of our church in Surco. The first week we had the privilege to baptize Jacob, and he has been faithful ever since! His studies at a nearby university are in translation; and he speaks Spanish, English, and French. Jacob wants to help us with proofreading our newspaper and other materials. He has also been soul winning with me now for three weeks. Please pray that he will continue to follow the Lord.

We have updated our church materials and forms this month. We have written a new church tract with a clear and thorough explanation of the Gospel. We have also written and designed baptismal tracts, brochures, prayer notebooks, baptismal certificates, and more for the church. Please pray for Consuelo. She owns a print shop, and God has opened her heart to help us with various projects.

Every week this month, we have had visitors and souls saved. One week we had 14 visitors. Our children’s Sunday school teacher had a birthday. To celebrate, she brought breakfast for everyone on Sunday, and she invited 4 friends from her university. They all got saved that morning. What a blessing to see people excited about their faith!

More people are “jumping on board” to lend a hand. Twenty people came to a three-hour prayer meeting that we had on a Friday night. Our church ladies are now preparing breakfast on a rotating schedule for Sunday mornings. Many of the first-time visitors have been returning. We also invited Bro. Abraham Avila to come and teach for two Thursday nights about biblical finances. As a pastor I was a little concerned about how they might respond to the idea; but on both nights our church was full, and many have increased their giving.

Our “Physical Proofs of the Faith” Bible study on Monday nights at Efata Baptist Church has had great success. The church has also graciously helped us improve our materials, and I gained much wisdom concerning public speaking and presentation in Peruvian culture. Two men told me that they want to teach the Bible study series.

At the beginning of November, all of our children were sick simultaneously. One of the dads of our church, who works with a nearby clinic, was able to help all of our children receive medical attention at no cost. God is good! Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray. There is so much more that must be done for our Lord. Thank you for your faithful support, love, and prayers. Merry Christmas to all! God bless you.

Because He first loved us,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, & Samuel Rader