Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  Growing TogetherAugust and September have been sublime here in Peru. God has blessed our church with numerical and spiritual growth. Souls are being saved through soul winning, in our church services, and in counseling. Julio Durand is doing an incredible job with Sunday school, and the attendance of his class has more than doubled. The institute is moving forward with more attending. More of our church members are coming for counseling, and our in-home visits are turning into Bible studies.

Our institute has helped our people and me grow together in the Lord. In order to teach for four hours straight every other Saturday in my second language, I have submerged myself in study. These studies have been so edifying to me, as well as to our people. In August we talked about child rearing. Although the attendance was down for that class, a visiting family came to the class and started attending our church because of it. In spite of teaching for four hours straight, every class has asked me to teach for an extra hour. In September we taught on spiritual warfare. Many of our people have told us that their perspective of the Christian life has changed completely and that they are already winning victories in their everyday lives. Please continue to pray for our institute.

My good friend Guillermo (William in English), who is 83 years of age, is my Spanish teacher. At my request, he is my critic of both my language and how to connect with the culture during my preaching. I have asked him to do this because I know he is loyal and will be brutally honest, which he is. Many times he has corrected my vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar during the preaching. He corrects my cultural approach after the preaching. He has stayed on me without mercy, like acne on a teenager, and I am so very glad that he has. He has been a faithful friend. During the past two months, he has approached me a few times and, for the first time ever, has complimented me for both my use of the language and for connecting culturally with Peruvians. For the past two months, our regular attendance has increased by 20 members. I am so grateful for my friend and for God’s grace through him. Please continue to pray for our growing influence.

Please continue to pray for us and the dear people of Peru. Please pray for some upcoming evangelizing opportunities. On November 12, our church will host a Pastors’ Workshop and will introduce our institute to surrounding churches. Please pray that God will use us more than ever. Please pray for Sarah’s new pregnancy. That’s right—we’re expecting again!

Truly our cup runneth over here in Peru. We cannot express how thankful we are for all that you do. What a great God we serve, and what great people we get to serve with. Thank you so much for your love, sacrifice, and prayers. God bless you.

In Christ in Peru,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, Samuel, + one more Rader