Mark Rader Prayer Letter: Being ResourcefulAs for most everyone, our March and April have also been crazy with many new experiences. Here in Peru, despite the craziness, we are finding new ways to have fun and serve the Lord. Our quarantine started March 15. The president of Peru announced, “All constitutional rights are now suspended.” The quarantine includes only one person leaving the home at a time, strict curfew at 8:00 p.m., and our five children, as all children, may not leave the home at any time. Sundays have had added restrictions; no one is allowed to leave or gather. We live in the church building, so our live church services on the Internet with our family are visible from the front door. We have been questioned by the police almost every Sunday. At least this allows us to say we had visitors! It’s okay—you can laugh! We are in one of the strictest districts of Lima; however, we and our people are finding ways to serve. Through everything happening, the people of our church are well and safe by the grace of God.

The first half of March before the quarantine, we were full steam ahead. We had visitors and souls saved and baptized. Soul winners were on the streets Saturdays and Sundays. We had ladies’ meetings and men’s meetings. The last public service in March, we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our precious members and the renewal of their vows. We had a great time, and we knew we would not see each other for a while.

Throughout the second half of March, we learned quickly how to do live broadcasts. Also, we became more resourceful with what was already in our house. We put together a studio, using scrap wood as posts for our homemade studio lights. We put a new family program and schedule together, which keeps us busy in the house. For anything we already had on the schedule for the church, we tried to do it online. We are live on Facebook with all our services and children’s programs. We have weekly Zoom meetings. Our church has a WhatsApp group for messaging. Through the technology available and what I’ve been able to learn, we have hosted a Music Conference, a Family Conference, a weekly Evangelistic Hour, monthly Bible studies, morning Bible studies, our team’s weekly institute with classes and chapel, etc. We are already getting feedback of people getting saved and people who want to attend as soon as they can.

The people of our church have joined us by continuously giving to the needs of other church members and others beyond our church. Half of our church members are Venezuelans who are suffering more need than others. We have decided to give as modestly as possible. As our people are giving, no one takes the credit, and everyone passes it on. The people of our church live simply and frugally, yet despite their hardships, they are showing great kindness to each other. We are humbled to lead such admirable people.

We know everyone is having a tough time these days. People are suffering need, illness, and/or violence. Please know that we are grateful for your prayers and attention. Thank you for your love, your support, and your prayers. Be strong in the Lord. God bless you.

In Christ in Peru,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, Samuel, Rebekah, & Luke Rader