Mark Holmes Letter: Evacuation FlightMy family had purchased furlough flights for April 28 through July 29, and for a time we were determined to “ride it out” here, as we still had ministry obligations. During the last five weeks, however, our seminary students have gone home, we’ve been unable to hold church services (and potentially will not be allowed for the next six weeks), all the international airports have been closed, and our city has been on lockdown.

The Abuja Embassy has arranged an evacuation flight for U.S. citizens to take place on Friday, May 8, and our family has been confirmed. I don’t want to call this an emergency in light of so many other urgent situations in the world; however, this is being described as the last flight out, and it is personally an unexpected expense. Please consider helping us with this through

Ultimately, we ask you to pray for wisdom and continued health and safety for our family.

Believing God,

Mark Holmes
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