Lawrence Williams Prayer Letter:  Vacation Bible SchoolGreetings from Ghana:

“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:8) My family and I want to thank you again for your prayers and financial support. You have made an impact in our work through your giving.

Vacation Bible School

We conducted Vacation Bible School this month at our church, with Bro. Charles Osgood heading up the program. The children enjoyed the preaching, singing contests, Bible stories, skits, and snacks. Over 500 children walked in from the neighborhoods around the church. Many children heard the Gospel and put their faith in Christ to be saved. My family and I were all excited to get to have a part in helping with the program. My son Joshua worked hard inviting people and had 36 visitors show up.

Preaching the Gospel

Earlier this month I set up a meeting with 25 lottery-booth workers. After their regular monthly meeting, I preached the Gospel to them, and 15 of them prayed to receive Christ as their Saviour. I also had the privilege of preaching in 5 different schools to a total of 880 students, and many of the students prayed to receive Christ as their Saviour.

Personal Soul Winning

While my partner and I were out in the town one day, we saw a man with a Bible sitting on a bench facing the trees. He sort of reminded me of the Ethiopian eunuch who was reading from Isaiah but did not understand the meaning of what he was reading. This man’s name was Duncan. He was an elder in the Pentecostal church, but he was lost. We asked if we could sit with him, and he gladly welcomed us. Within a matter of time, I was able to show him through the Scriptures that what he was trusting to get him to Heaven would not work. He then bowed his head and put his faith in Christ alone to save him.

Once again, my family and I want to thank you all for your prayers and financial support that make our work possible.


Lawrence Williams