Kounaro Keo Prayer Letter: An Attitude of Gratitude“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” (Luke 2:10)

Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri! We hope and pray that you all have enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We have been blessed so much and in so many ways. An attitude of gratitude should always be with us, not only during this time of year, but every day. Once again, I am reminded of the blessing of being back in America—America, the land of the free and one nation under God.

This November, we made our way to the West Coast for several meetings, including a Missions Conference at our home church in Long Beach, California. I was able to visit my previous pastor, Joe Esposito, who was a major blessing to me many years ago. It was under his ministry that I received the assurance of my salvation and then found God’s calling into His service. Due to Pastor Esposito’s illness a few years ago, he could not continue to pastor. It brought me joy to see him in a much better condition. My home church has continued to grow steadily under Pastor Steve Meyers and the faithful people of Pacific Baptist Church. What a wonderful blessing it is that their new church building has been completed.

Another blessing is that we were able to spend this holiday season with our oldest daughter Kimberlee, who is in Bible college. Chorvy’s mom made a Cambodian hotpot for us to enjoy for Christmas Day. Our children enjoyed our family gift exchange.

I had the opportunity to go soul winning with Bro. Jesse Dominguez, the pastor of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas. We saw three young men accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. I admire Bro. Dominguez for staying in one church for over 30 years. What an example of faithfulness!

Here is an update from Cambodia. Our church is still allowed to assemble even though the government has restricted our church attendance to under 20 for each service. Our flight back to Cambodia has been changed to February 3. We hope that by that time there will be fewer restrictions.

Thank you once more for all your prayers and financial support. God bless you.

For Christ’s sake,

Kounaro, Chorvy, Kimberlee, Priscilla, Christina, & Jonathan Keo