Holidays, Caroling, and Growing

With the many ups and downs we have experienced, we praise God for the opportunity to serve in Limerick, Ireland. Limerick has the highest crime and suicide rate in the country. There is such a need here. I was encouraged recently when a young man, who attends our meetings, sincerely expressed his gratitude for my coming to Limerick.


We began the month with 2 visitors, and throughout the month we had 7 total who visited our meetings. Over the years there have been pastors who came into Limerick, reached a few people, told them they were going to start a church, but then left. Because of this, there are people who have been floating around from church to church for years, always finding things they don’t agree with in each group and turning to the internet to find people who agree with them. They often stumble in here and there but have no commitment.

In the first week, one of the new young men helped me paint the fence outside the church. He also helped me put up an HDTV for advertising during the dark months. Since we are located at a major stoplight, our location is perfect for a TV. Please pray that God will use it to get people’s attention and lead them in to hear the Gospel. At the beginning of the month, Kelly got to go to a Ladies’ Getaway (first picture) with two of our faithful ladies. They had a wonderful time and came back encouraged. For our Saturday soul winning, we have had people coming out consistently to help us get the Gospel into Limerick. During the month we got out 2,000 tracts on the streets. Just before Thanksgiving a Brazilian lady named Elania transferred to our church from another in a town called Carrick-on-Shannon. She has been going full throttle, coming to every meeting and going out soul winning on Saturdays. On Thanksgiving (second picture), we got to have 23 people over, and only 10 of them were Americans.


In December we had 5 Sunday visitors. We discovered that the Lord gave us some people who don’t celebrate Christmas, and some boycotted our services during December. I like to use the holiday as an opportunity to get out the Gospel. During the month I preached messages around the birth of Christ, and in her Wednesday Kids’ Bible Club, Kelly taught the history of Christmas hymns. Then on Christmas Eve, Kelly brought all the children out caroling (third picture). They really had a great time. On New Year’s Eve, as a ministry we invited and had 19 people in our home. God has given us a group of people who are hungry for the Word of God and for fellowship.

During the month of December, our soul-winning attendance increased to 9 people one Saturday, spreading the Gospel throughout the city, talking to people, and putting out Christmas tracts. Two of the ladies who came that weekend were from a Baptist Union Church in the area. One of them has a burden and really wants to learn how to reach people with the Gospel. We got out another 2,000 tracts this month also.

In the new year, I am planning to begin a second Sunday service and to teach on what a church is and on personal soul winning. I would also like to move into a bigger meeting space in another highly visible location. There is so much happening and more needs than I can handle on my own, so please pray that the Lord would lead the right person to come work with us.

Please continue praying for these needs:

1. Our support level has recently lowered to 85%; please pray it might increase.
2. Co-laborers
3. Furlough plane tickets
4. Protection over the ministry

I thank all of you who sent Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. I also thank all the churches who sent Christmas gifts and those who lift us up in prayer and support us financially. We appreciate your sacrifices.

In the campaign for Irish souls,

Keith Hamilton and Family