Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Building Erected in Just a Few Short WeeksI reported in our last letter that we might be constructing a 40-foot by 60-foot cinder-block church building in the vicinity of Matador in February. That project became a reality. Several men from Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Indianapolis assisted us for over two weeks with that endeavor. Photographs of that work can be viewed at I cannot give all of the credit to the Americans, because during most of the working days, we had nearly 100 Haitians working alongside of us, but I can give all of the glory to God. We had excellent weather and only a few minor injuries.

Tragically, we had a mishap as we sent our teens to a retreat a few hours away during Mardi Gras days. The purpose of the getaway is to put our teenagers with other church kids until Carnival is over. We had an accident that resulted in the death of one of our youths. To complicate the grief, the young man’s father was the driver of the bus. I believe God can be glorified through this crushing blow.

In our day-to-day seminary work, I am teaching Introduction to the New Testament, while I recently completed a six-week module of Introduction to the Old Testament in our Saturday seminary. Theresa has 72 fourth through sixth graders in her English classes in our K-6 school. Good reports keep coming from her Bible Club work and her Junior Church. While we are doing personal evangelism, we continue to look for that place for our next church plant. To God be the glory that we are permitted to be involved in such a work.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter, and thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.


Keith & Theresa Baker