Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  Winter UpdateWinter has found us busy traveling, trying to avoid the snow and ice. As we’ve traveled the first two months of 2015, the Lord has graciously enabled us to miss the worst of the snow and ice storms by being just ahead of them or by being able to stay in the same place just long enough for the roads to be cleared. The Holy Spirit truly directed as we scheduled meetings, knowing where we needed to be and how to avoid the detrimental weather. Through these meetings we’ve already heard from several that are taking our ministry on for support!

On one cold, windy night, Holly and I went soul winning. (Holly has enjoyed the cold weather, as being in her last trimester of her pregnancy has left her with an internal heater running on high.) We were trying to follow up with a new family that had visited church for the first time. The family wasn’t home, but the brother Charles was home. He answered the door; and, honestly, I wanted to be brief as I was getting cold. I talked with Charles for a moment and handed him a tract. He then asked, “I haven’t been saved. Do you know how to get saved?” The Holy Spirit smote my heart as I realized I was trying to hurry up, but He had Charles asking me, “What must I do to be saved?” We presented the Gospel to Charles, and on the front porch, Charles sweetly bowed his head and asked Jesus to save him! It is humbling knowing that God uses imperfect people to present the perfect answer, Jesus Christ. The Lord sure is merciful and patient.

Prayer Requests:

1. Holly and the baby: The baby is due on April 15. Pray for health and safety as Holly travels to a couple more meetings before the birth.
2. Support: We’ve been contacted recently by pastors and churches stating that they have voted to take us on for support. We need to see an increase of $750 a month to enable us to return to England. Pray that the promised support comes through quickly and that others partner with us very soon.
3. Wisdom: Pray for wisdom as we begin the visa process. We’ve begun preparations for applying for the visa, which takes three months. Pray for this, as we have recently learned Minister of Religion Visas to England are being “tightened.” Some missionaries are facing the possibility of having to leave England because of this.

Thank you for praying for us and laboring together with us. My family and I are very grateful for the gifts, notes, cards, and so many expressions of love you show to us!

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Baby Boy Williams