Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  Rejoice in the Lord!The Bible teaches us in Psalm 32:11, “Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.” One of my favorite songs to sing is “O rejoice in the LORD; He makes no mistake. He knoweth the end of each path that I take. For when I am tried and purified, I shall come forth as gold.” Seeing God work in our lives, in the lives of those around us, and the many circumstances of life is incredible. Often, we remind the church that God is good all the time.

God has continued to bless these past months! As I look at and think about all that God has done, I stand amazed! Your prayers have made such an impact on the lives of those here in Skelmersdale. Your investment into the souls of men, women, and children is with reward!

Just before our Bible Seminar in May, a family that had some questions about the Bible began coming to our church. They are a sweet family and have been saved over the past few years. They came to the Bible Seminar, and God used that to impact their lives greatly. Now we do not hear the doubts about Scripture, but instead, we see a greater zeal and fervor to study and learn God’s Word.

Holly and the ladies God has given SBC hosted a Ladies’ BBQ. The church was filled with ladies from the area and a couple of area churches. Ladies came whom we haven’t seen in church for a while, and the spirit was wonderful.

In June, we received word that our visas had been successfully renewed, and SBC paid for all of our visas over $15,000! Praise God! The next step in a couple of years will be to obtain our permanent residence status. This is a much larger expense, so please pray as we continue saving for this final step in our residency.

For the last few years, we have had an annual Summer Revival. God has blessed this time, and during the revival in June, God continued showing us His powerful grace. Souls were saved, visitors came from up to two hours away, we had great attendances, and the spirit was amazing! An atheist lady named Courtney came a week before the revival. Holly witnessed to Courtney, but her dad, who was her ride, needed to go before Holly could finish with the Gospel. On Saturday night before the revival, Courtney read a tract Holly had given her and got saved! She was at every service, except for Friday’s service, went soul winning, and has seen her life absolutely transformed! Her family is amazed at the changes in her life! This is just one of the many testimonies that we could share from the revival. What great salvation we have in Jesus!

Evangelists Bob Jones and Gary Mann (he was Holly’s first pastor years ago at Grace Baptist Church in Delaware, Ohio) preached the revival. God truly ordered and directed their hearts. Serving God enabled us to host the Manns and see how God used them to prepare a young lady for the ministry. Holly, my faithful and loving wife, is a product of a faithful family. What a joy it is to see God work!

Through your prayers and financial help, souls have been saved, 20 more visitors have come, and, most importantly, Jesus Christ has been glorified and lifted up in this dark area! God is building a church in Skelmersdale, and we are grateful for your sacrifice to help make it possible. Pray for us as we hold our Holiday Bible Club (Vacation Bible School) 24-28 July and a Community BBQ on 27 July! Thousands of flyers and much work are going into this. Pray for more souls to be saved, baptized, and discipled as we lift up Christ.

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Samuel Williams