Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  Holiday Bible ClubJuly began with our Summer Revival. It was a blessed time with Evangelist Bob Jones, and God used the messages to challenge us to get right with Him, get close to the Lord, and do more for Him. The spirit and turnout were brilliant.

The next few weeks in July, we worked hard to prepare for Holiday Bible Club (Vacation Bible School) at the end of July. Over 1,000 personal invitations were given out throughout Skelmersdale and Liverpool. As we prepared for HBC, we had some work done on some equipment at the church. The mechanic came to carry out the work and brought his wife with him. As he worked, Holly began to talk with his wife. Just a moment before he finished the work, his wife received Christ as Saviour! Over the next few days, 3 were saved through the HBC!

In the midst of the HBC, we held our 2nd Annual Community BBQ, where we invited the community to come for a free meal and play games. Last year over 80 came, and this year almost 90 came! We were able to get some contacts through this, and several heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. God truly blessed the busy and wonderful week!

After great victories and blessings the first part of the year, the Devil continued his attack on some of the members of Skelmersdale Baptist Church. August was a month of struggle, as some of the core families of SBC have had and are going through some difficult struggles. Pray for us as we continue loving, encouraging, and ministering to these families.

Holly and the boys are doing well. Jonathan has had a few appointments with a nutritionist as part of the follow- up from his time in the hospital last autumn. They have checked some things that had pointed to some temporary changes, Lord willing, in his diet to get his system “balanced” again. This has been a huge help, and he has really responded well to the diet changes. He had complained occasionally about his stomach hurting in the past, but since the diet changes, he has not had any issues. We’re thankful for the Lord’s leading in this.

The boys started school in August. It’s hard to believe that David, our oldest, is in sixth grade already. Pray for their studies.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and finances. It is amazing to see how God is moving here in Skelmersdale, and we know it’s the prayers of so many around the world that are making a difference here. Thank you for the honour to serve with you.

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Samuel Williams