Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  For the Glory of His MajestyJanuary started with the introduction of our 2018 theme, “For the Glory of His Majesty.” God is the King of kings, and, as our wonderful King, He deserves for us to honour Him and glorify His Holy Name! God has really used this in the hearts of His people. This has challenged and exhorted us to focus on the Lord, enjoy serving as children of God, and look forward to what God has in store for us this year.

Late in 2017, a man named Kenneth began coming to church. He had a lot of questions and was excited to find a Bible-preaching church. We began discipleship in 2018, and we began by dealing with salvation. He knew the Gospel but had never accepted Christ as his Saviour. For almost two hours, we covered a myriad of verses from Genesis to Revelation, and at the end, he decided to place his faith and trust in Christ! He immediately stated that there was a burden lifted off his heart! Thank God! Burdens are lifted at Calvary, and Jesus alone wonderfully removes the weight of sin through His cleansing blood! Kenneth now knows what it is like to be free from the penalty of sin! Pray for him as he continues in discipleship.

One of my heart’s desires since we came to Skelmersdale Baptist Church nearly two years ago has been to saturate Skelmersdale with John and Romans. There are 50,000 people in the area, and there are no other Gospel-preaching churches. This is a dark city, which desperately needs the light of the Gospel to penetrate every part of society. God answered prayer through another missionary in Scotland! He had a surplus of John and Romans and gave us over 20,000—FREE! We have personalized them with some collated inserts and are beginning to distribute them. Please pray that God will use this for the glory of His majesty!

It has been a fairly mild winter here, with the exception of the end of February where we had a week of cold weather and a bit of snow. Holly and the boys were wanting a snow day, so when we had a couple of inches, we decided to take the opportunity for that snow day.

Thank you for praying and faithfully standing with us. As we serve Christ here in the UK, we are humbled by the sacrifices so many make so we may serve. SBC members likewise sacrifice to support missionaries. God has given a 50% increase in missions giving, and SBC just added a fifth missionary to its missions family. The sacrifice and joy to partner with other families taking the Gospel around the world is truly a blessing! Thank you for sacrificing so more fruit may abound to your account!

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Samuel Williams