Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  An Unexpected BlessingExciting news! God has blessed our family with some life-changing news. Truly this news we are about to relay is something that has the potential to change not only our family but impact others as well. This news was not anticipated but did not take God by surprise; of course, nothing does! The exciting news is . . . there will be another addition to the Williams family! Yes, Holly is expecting. Please pray for health and safety while we travel on furlough and prepare to return to England. The tentative due date is early May 2015.

Speaking of life-changing news, we had the great privilege of carrying the life-changing, eternity-changing news of the Gospel to others in Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and Delaware over the past two months. As David and I walked down a long street knocking on doors, passing out tracts, and witnessing to people, we were greeted by a variety of different receptions. Some receptions were cold, some were inviting at first but then rejected, some were warm but didn’t have time, and some were extremely receptive to the Gospel. As I thought about all these receptions, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I have no control over any of these receptions. I can present the Gospel, but the listener must choose to reject or receive Christ. I’m glad God looks at and rewards our faithfulness and our labor instead of what others choose to do with Christ. Some were saved on that street! Glory!

Please continue to pray for us as we enter an extremely busy time this fall. We will be in meetings and conferences in New Jersey, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, and more! Pray that God provides $1,100 a month needed to get our support level to where it needs to be.

Thank you for praying! Our heart hopes and prays each of you have a tremendous start to the fall in ministry, schooling, and growing in your walk with God.

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and ????? Williams