Justin Williams Prayer Letter:  A Busy SummerThis summer has been a very busy summer. In six weeks we had the privilege of being in 15 Southern states, putting over 6,000 miles on our van. God kept us safe and provided every step of the way. Thank you for praying and enabling us to travel to new churches, helping us to raise additional support.

One of the areas of furlough we’ve enjoyed is soul winning with pastors and other experienced Christians to get ideas on “different approaches” to the same Gospel presentation. I remember we’d hear often in college that “every man is my teacher,” and we are blessed by having access to many teachers. While out soul winning with a new supporting pastor, I was impressed with his zeal to get the Gospel to every person. As we drove to the area where we were going, he suddenly veered off into a parking lot, stopped at the nearest parking place, jumped out, and briskly walked to some young men standing by the street. Those young men bowed their heads and received Christ as their Saviour!

Before we started our trip south, we had a Sunday free, and we decided to visit a church nearby in West Virginia. Several members greeted us and led us to the appropriate classrooms for Sunday school. I met the pastor as he taught the class I was led to, and he asked me to give a brief presentation of our ministry. After the presentation he asked me to allow some questions. After the questions, he asked me to teach Sunday school. After Sunday school the pastor approached me and told me that he never did this, but the Holy Spirit had led him to have me preach the Sunday morning service. This larger church had a good attendance in the middle of the summer, and I began praying for direction on what to preach. The Holy Spirit led me to a message, and the Holy Spirit intervened through that message! During the invitation one lady was saved, and another individual rededicated his life to Christ! The pastor voiced that they would like to, Lord willing, take us on for support in the coming months! Wow! Praise God for the Holy Spirit’s guidance!

Prayer Requests

1. UK visas: We are working on our UK visas. Currently we are waiting on some paperwork to be returned to us from a government department. Pray that we get these final pieces of the puzzle quickly so that we can finish our UK application process.
2. Support: God has provided with many new supporting churches over the summer! At this time we need to raise $400 more a month, and we are excited about the many promises we’ve received for support. Pray that God enables the many new churches to come through quickly.
3. Pallet and airfare expenses: We’ve put together a pallet of John and Romans and some personal supplies, like homeschooling books and materials, to ship to the UK. The costs look like they’ll be around $4,000 for the pallet and airfare. Any help with this would be a great blessing!

Thank you for praying for us! God is hearing your prayers, and we’re excited about returning to England! My family and I are very grateful for your faithful support, enabling us to follow the Holy Spirit to the ministry to which He has called us.

Yours for the souls of England,

Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Samuel Williams