Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Children's Day in BrazilOnce again, we want to thank you for allowing us to serve here on the mission field! We appreciate your consideration, as it has been impossible for us to leave our two churches to take an overdue furlough. Our last and only furlough was in 2011, and it was a medical furlough for Amy’s high-risk pregnancy with the twins. We were able to visit a few of our supporting churches, yet not nearly as many as we would have liked. Our supporting churches are asking us to return and participate in Missions Conferences and report on our ministries. Please pray with us for the need of an interim pastor to care for the churches in order for us to return to the States on furlough.

Thank you for praying for our Venezuelan refugee family. They are adjusting, and even though they had to move closer to their work, they walk two miles to come to our church services twice a week. Their daughter recently came to church so excited to give her offering for missions! When I give them a ride home after the services, there are areas that have no lighting, and the hills are quite steep. Just as they moved out, a couple being evicted came to me needing a place to stay. We led them to the Lord, gave them food and gas for cooking, and are patiently working with this couple, discipling and teaching them to be responsible.

In September, seven of the ladies from our Sao Paulo church were able to attend a Ladies’ Conference a few hours north of here. Due to the distance, work, and cost, others were unable to attend. We thank the Lord that Amy’s health was good enough for her to attend the conference as well. We appreciate your continued prayers for our health! Our 14-year-old son Juan has progressed in his leading of the song service, and we are so thankful for his maturity, servant’s heart, and faithfulness. One Sunday morning after leading the music, he taught the boys’ Sunday school class and led Joao Felipe, a six-year-old boy, to the Lord. The following Sunday evening at 6:00, Joao Felipe told his mother Ninha that they needed to leave the birthday party they were at and get to church. She agreed with the preaching, and when Amy led her to the Lord, she told us that her son had told her about his prayer for salvation and that they needed to read the Bible in their home. He even asked the DJ at his dad’s bar to put in a Christian music CD. She said everyone smiled as they approached the bar with children’s Christian music blaring.

“Let the children come unto me.” Children’s Day in October is a very big holiday in Brazil. The toy stores are packed! We thank the Lord that, even during a tropical rainstorm, our service in Cotia was packed! (We need to buy more chairs!) The entrance to the church was a “river” crossing. A mother of five children climbed a quarter of a mile up a very steep hill carrying a 14-pound cake to help us celebrate this special day! During the week, several church folks joined in to help us decorate, as they saw our family busily making all the decorations and games by hand. We thank the Lord for 6 visitors that night—all of them became children of God! In Sao Paulo, we thank the Lord for all of those who voluntarily helped with the preparations and for the 3 visitors and 4 who became children of God as well!

Please pray for workers who can help finish the flooring and work on the rest of the building needs. In Sao Paulo, the children are without a Junior Church and nursery as we wait for the work to be done on the Sunday school area. As you can imagine, the nursery at the back of the church is a noisy distraction during the preaching. Please pray we can finish this area very soon. Thank you to those who are able to give to the ongoing Building Fund needs!

Thank you again for your prayers and giving! Please pray for relief from my sciatic nerve pain.

May the Lord bless you,

The Vallejo Family