Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter:  We Have Purchased Our Tickets to Thailand!We praise the Lord for your prayers and sacrificial giving while we are on deputation. The last two months of summer have been very exciting and profitable, and we drove our first coast-to-coast trip to California safely with the Lord’s traveling mercy. We started off at our home church in West Virginia, where we had the opportunity to be at their final night of VBS and were able to lead four young people to the Lord. To God be the glory for this and for the many others who put their faith in Him that night.

Once we made it to California, our car air conditioning went out (praise the Lord it didn’t happen on our long drive), and it turned out that we needed a new air compressor. This was the first major repair we have needed on our vehicle since starting our deputation travels, so we have to thank the Lord for that! Just a week or so after it went out, two churches gave us unexpectedly large love offerings that covered the entire repair! The Lord is always faithful to provide every one of our needs.

While in Washington with Pastor Paisley, we had one of our most action-packed days so far on deputation. The morning after our church meeting, Pastor Paisley allowed me to preach on their radio station, which has an audience of 5,000-10,000 listeners, and Brittany and I also recorded a missionary interview that would be aired later. After we left the station, he took us to make a visit at the home of some of his new converts. Their situation was unique because they had reached out to the church, wanting help with demon oppression that was troubling their home. Pastor Paisley had been able to lead the whole family of six to the Lord because of this. It was so sweet to see the faith they now had in Christ and their eagerness to be baptized and discipled. We prayed together for their house to be free from any demonic presence and for the peace of God to fill their lives and home. Later that afternoon, we joined some of the church members at their county fair to witness at their soul-winning booth. We spent several hours there and had the opportunity to invite people to church and ask many people to answer the simple question: “Are you going to Heaven?” (This was the banner sign over the booth.) Brittany and I were able to spend time talking to three teenagers who decided to trust Christ as their personal Saviour. We are praying for them and others who made decisions for Christ as the church family follows up with them. People need the Lord, and we must tell them.

Lastly, WE PURCHASED OUR PLANE TICKETS TO THAILAND!!! Praise the Lord for those who gave and prayed for us! We are moving to Thailand this December 28! We are so excited to get there before the New Year and to begin the work to which God has called us. Please pray for us as we finish raising our financial support before we move. We also covet your prayers for our upcoming visa-application meeting at the Thai Embassy in November, as well as for our shipping process and language schooling. Exciting times are ahead, and we are so grateful for your love and support!

In His service,

Jonathan Beil