Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter:  Happy New Year From Hua Hin!Happy New Year from Hua Hin, Thailand! By God’s grace, we left Los Angeles on December 28 and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 30. We are now in our first few days of overcoming jet lag and adjusting to the new time zone, and we are so grateful to be here safely and in God’s timing. During these last few months before moving to Thailand, He has definitely answered our prayers in a way that we knew it was His leading us here every step of the journey.

To summarize our past two action-packed months, the month of November found us finishing up two great Missions Conferences in West Virginia and Kentucky. We were also able to spend some time at our church in West Virginia, where we participated in a few last events that brought back many good memories from our days there before deputation. I was able to preach in two different chapels of the school and see students that we formerly taught continuing to grow in the Lord. I was also able to speak at the church’s annual “Young at Heart” Banquet, where Pastor Bane allowed me to present the Thailand Land Project and give a challenge that evening. The senior saints gave an offering that night for the Land Project and encouraged us with their love and prayers. The church had a special send-off for us and a time of prayer during our last Sunday night service. My home church in California likewise had a time of prayer for us before our departure. We were grateful for this time with our family in Christ, as well as with our personal families. We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving time with Brittany’s side of the family and being with my family for Christmas in California before our departure. It is such a blessing to have supportive family members, especially our parents, who encourage us to serve God with our lives, even when that takes us to the other side of the world.

December was a special month with family, but it was also special to see God answer our specific prayers concerning our shipping box and visas. On December 2, we drove to the Thai Embassy in Washington D.C. with all our paperwork in hand to apply for our visas (or so we thought). Dealing with our own government is a hassle, let alone a foreign government. The embassy was two hours away from our residence, and we were only in town for a short period, so time was of the essence. We couldn’t have applied earlier because the visas would have expired before we even arrived in Thailand. To make a long story short, they didn’t accept one of the papers, but God miraculously provided a way for us to replace that paper within a matter of hours to save us another trip the following day. My visa was delayed, but Brittany was able to get hers in time to ship our box (visa paperwork is needed for that process); mine was mailed the following week. We definitely knew that it was all God, and we are so thankful for your prayers in this matter. Our shipment should arrive in Thailand by the beginning of March. Please pray for us to find a home in the meantime.

Your faithful support, love, and prayers have meant the world to us! We are thrilled to begin 2020 in the country where God has called us to serve Him and spread His Good News to many people who have never heard it. Please pray for our physical and cultural adjustment here and for open hearts to receive Him.

In His service,

Jon and Brittany Beil