Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter: Growing Our FaithHappy New Year! We pray that you and your church have had a great year in 2017. This past year we really grew our faith in trusting God to provide for our needs. We began deputation in September, and God has provided above and beyond our every need. My wife and I are thankful for each church and individual that graciously hosted us or helped provide a need for us.

In the months of November and December, Brittany and I were able to share the Gospel with many people and saw several individuals put their faith in Christ. On one of these occasions while in in Indiana, we joined a church in the Fort Wayne area for Teen Soul Winning on a Wednesday afternoon. While knocking doors with one of the teenage boys, the Lord directed us to the house of an immigrant family. A lady answered the door, whom I presumed was from Southeast Asia. She did not speak any English, but her nine-year-old son Joseph translated for me. Through translation, she told me that she was from Myanmar and spent time in a refugee camp in Thailand—of all places! After a few translated questions, she made it known that she had accepted Christ while in the refugee camp. She was so kind and gracious to us while standing at the door in cold weather. I proceeded to ask Joseph if he knew he would go to Heaven one day, and he was unsure. The mom invited us inside, and my visiting partner and I sat on the couch and explained to Joseph how he could have a home in Heaven one day. He humbly and sincerely called upon Christ and put his faith in Him. Praise the Lord for those divine appointments with people of other cultures whom we can meet in our own neighborhoods!

In the middle of December, we flew to California to visit my family and home church for the holidays and for a few meetings in the area. I am so thankful for my pastor, Bruce Goddard, who has served the Lord in Wildomar for over 35 years now, as well as the many church members there who have invested in my life. New Year’s Eve was a very special service for my good friend Matt Peterson and me, as we were both ordained into the Gospel ministry that night. It was a service I will remember forever and pray never to take lightly.

Thank you to all our supporting churches and those churches who have given and sacrificed to make what we do possible. These two months have brought several more churches who plan to partner with us in bringing the Gospel to Thailand. In a few days, my wife and I will make the trek back to West Virginia and then to the Southeast for the months of January and February. Please pray for traveling mercies and for additional supporting churches this upcoming year. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Thank you for all you do in getting the Gospel to all the world.

In His service,

Jonathan and Brittany Beil