Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter: God Has Been Good Through It All!Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for us so we can serve the Lord in Thailand. Our last update in May mentioned the state of emergency here in Thailand, and though that is still in place, Thailand’s COVID-19 infection count has stayed very low. The country is almost fully reopened, with restrictions and regulations in place, but no international travel is permitted. We praise the Lord that our church doors were able to reopen this month, and the Lord has brought many visitors and several salvations and baptisms these past few weeks. We, like many of you, have had to adapt with split locations and alternating services to make accommodations for social-distancing regulations. God has been good through it all!

With church meeting for in-person services again, we were able to hold teen classes on the third week. It was so good to be back together! While we were apart, we were able to hold weekly video calls with most of our teen group. We had extra Bible-reading and memorization challenges. It was a blessing to see the great amount of participation from the teens sending in videos of the Scriptures they had memorized. We were also able to have some of the teens over for fellowship in our home in groups of two to four and get to know them on a more personal basis. Some of these get-togethers had us really stretching our use of speaking Thai! For our first service back together, I was able to play the guitar for our song in class, as I had purchased one and practiced during quarantine. Please pray that the Lord will help me as I keep learning to play.

In our last letter, I asked for prayer for Nong Kwan’s dad. We’ve invited him to come to church several times, and the first Sunday that we opened, he came with his daughter. That was his first time to ever set foot in a church. The Gospel was preached, but he has still yet to make a decision for Christ. During the week, I went to go visit them to talk to him again. When we arrived, Nong Kwan’s dad was not there, but her grandma was home. Tan, one of our staff men and translators, was able to spend much time giving her the Gospel, and she trusted Christ while her granddaughter sat there with us. Her grandma works every day butchering chickens, but please pray that she will be able to come to church soon and follow the Lord in baptism.

This month my wife and I were able to meet Nong Mint through one of our church ladies. Some money was donated to our ministry for the purpose of helping those in the community with the cost of school uniforms. Public schools will reopen next month, and while there is no tuition cost, the cost of uniforms is quite expensive for the average Thai family. We went with our translator Jack to Mint’s home to give her family the Gospel and help with the purchase of her school uniforms. Praise God that they all three trusted Christ as their Saviour. Please pray for Nong Mint and her parents to come to church and grow in Christ.

In His service,

Jonathan and Brittany Beil