Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter:   2018 Was a Great Year!We praise the Lord for a great year in 2018! We’ve traveled thousands of miles and presented in over 60 churches this past year. Through all our travels, we’ve seen God’s grace in our lives. Psalm 105:1 says, “O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.” God has done great things this last year, and He continues to bless us each day.

The Lord has raised our support every month, with new churches committing to help us spread the Gospel in Thailand. We finished this year with several conferences that were a huge blessing to us spiritually and financially. The Lord really used Fellowship Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, and Freedom Baptist Church of Rural Hall, North Carolina, to be a great encouragement to us as we finished out the year. At our last meeting of the year in Middletown, Virginia, the congregation voted right after the service to take us on for support. What a Christmas blessing! Knowing how many people sacrifice to give to missions and pray for us, we are readier than ever to move to Thailand and continue His work in telling the lost of Him.

As we travel, we do our best to be soul-conscious. We have enjoyed our time out with many different churches, spreading the Gospel in their “Jerusalem” as we head to ours. I have been challenged and encouraged by the different soul-winning partners with whom I have gone. While at a Missions Conference in Arkansas, I had the privilege to go out with a teenage young man who attended the church. We were able to knock on many doors and made several good contacts. I was most encouraged by this young man’s disposition. You see, from birth, his legs have been physically handicapped. His attitude could have been negative, but he knew that God could use him to make a difference. Although it took him longer to walk between houses, we were able to plant the seed of the Gospel at many homes.

As we neared the holidays, we were able to have several local meetings near our home church in West Virginia. While home, we were able to go soul winning with the teenagers from Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church on a Friday afternoon. I went out with two of the teen young men to knock on some apartments. At one apartment, a teen named Matthew answered the door. After talking for a while, I asked if anyone had shared with him from the Bible how he could go to Heaven one day. He said, “No” and that he would like to hear how. As we were talking, his aunt invited me into their living room. She gave a clear testimony of when she had accepted Christ and encouraged her nephew to listen. After I shared the Good News with him, Matthew called out to God and put his faith in Jesus. We are very grateful for these opportunities to share Christ with others.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season as you celebrated the birth of our Saviour. May the Lord bless you in the new year as you continue to serve Him.

Praises This Year: (1) Safety on the road, (2) increased support, (3) continued health, and (4) souls saved
Prayer Requests: (1) Land project for IBC in Thailand, (2) upcoming meetings, (3) our 2019 schedule to fill, and (4) to be a help and encouragement to churches we visit

In His service,

Jonathan and Brittany Beil