Jonathan and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: We Are Having In-Person Meetings Again!This July marks a year and a half since we have moved to Thailand! We are so grateful for the Lord’s leading us here, because we know this is exactly where He wants us. It would not be possible without the prayers and support of God’s people—you. Please continue to pray for us and your other missionaries. As time passes, I understand more and more the power of prayer and its necessity in our lives, as we face spiritual warfare every day.

We thank the Lord that we have been able to meet again at church for services. We still have restrictions to follow, but from the first service, God has blessed. Through our food-bag program that I mentioned in the last letter, many Thai and Karen people have received the Gospel. Since reopening for public services, many of these new believers have come to church. We continue to get more calls every week and have more opportunities to share the Gospel. Last week, Singhad and I were able to take food to eight different families and see six souls trust Christ as their Saviour. Please pray for these people to grow in their relationships with the Lord.

A new teenager named Nice trusted Christ because of this outreach and has been faithful to church every week for the last month. In our teen class, I’ve been teaching through the Bible characters, starting in Genesis. It’s been great teaching about men and women God used in His story and what we can learn from them. It’s also great to see the teenagers engaged as we review and ask questions. For the most part, they have zero biblical knowledge, apart from what they have learned in class. Please continue to pray for spiritual growth in their lives. Another prayer request is for a teen named Pi, whom we met out soul winning. He has a Muslim background, but he intently listened to the Gospel, asked many questions, and decided to put his faith in Jesus. Please pray that he will come to church soon, as he has shown interest on the several follow-up visits we have made.

The development of the church land that we were able to purchase in 2019 is starting to see some progress. After several months of settling some minor issues with the bordering neighbors, all the official paperwork was finished with the local land office. We have since leveled off the land, put up a temporary fence, and installed gates at the two entrances. Our next phase will be the construction of a permanent wall, digging a well, making a drainage system for water, and building a house for the family of the church security guard. We praise the Lord for the funds that have already been given, and we are praying for the remaining finances to be able to finish the next building phase. If you would like more information or would like to donate to this project, please let me know or reach out to FBMI.

Thank you all for serving the Lord and having a part in supplying our needs to serve Him in Thailand. May God bless you and your ministry.

In His service,

Jonathan and Brittany Beil