Jonathan and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: Back in Thailand!Greetings from Thailand! Since our last update at the beginning of January, we have all made it safely back to our home in Thailand! I want to thank you for praying specifically for our return to Thailand. We arrived in country on January 28 to be greeted with a 10-day quarantine at a state-approved hotel. Though we did feel “cooped up” at times, we were actually able to fellowship a little bit with some other missionaries who were staying at the same quarantine hotel. I praise the Lord for others who are faithfully preaching the Gospel in Thailand!

After arriving back in Hua Hin, it was great to be back in our home and back to our church with the members that we dearly missed. We were so glad to see those faithful church members and some new faces that have started coming to the church. Our first Sunday back was Valentine’s weekend, and I wanted to teach our teen group a special lesson about the love of God. Many of our young people come from broken homes and are rarely, if ever, shown the love of God. That Sunday, 20 teenagers came to church. Two of them were new to us, since they started coming while we were in the U.S. We had a great time of playing special games together and learning about the love of God.

We were worried that we would forget some of our Thai language while not using it much in the U.S., but the Lord allowed us to retain a lot and put it to use again. The first week back, we and a group of church members went out witnessing, and we were able to try to speak some Thai again. We walked down a street that we have been down before, but this time, my wife and El met a lady who was so open to the Gospel. Brittany was able to use a lot of her Thai to communicate God’s Word, and El helped fill in some of the gaps when needed. Pi Not had heard the story of Jesus before and chose to accept Christ as her Saviour! You could see the joy in her eyes after she understood and accepted Jesus. Please pray for this lady; she takes care of her infirm parents full-time and is not able to come to church. We left her with a John and Romans booklet; we pray that she will be able to read it and grow in the Lord.

Our church is continuing to canvass every neighborhood in our city and the surrounding areas with a packet of John and Romans and a church tract, also including an invitation to call if they are in need of rice. The goal this year is to leave one at every house in the city. Will you please pray for this special project? We have already seen fruit from this project and look forward to seeing how the Lord will use it.

On February 12, we celebrated Judah’s first birthday! We are so thankful for him and for God’s allowing us to be parents and train him in the way of the Lord. Our desire as parents is that we can teach him through example and God’s Word how to love God with all his heart. By the time our next update comes around, Judah’s little brother will have been born! He is due to arrive March 22. We thank the Lord for a good doctor and hospital in our city. Brittany is doing great, but much prayer is needed, especially because of COVID times and interesting hospital policies. Please pray for a safe and smooth delivery and another healthy baby boy!

Thank you all for your faithful prayer and financial support, allowing us to serve the Lord here. We are excited to see what God has planned over the next many years of ministry!

In His service,

Jonathan, Brittany, and Judah Beil