Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter:  Opportunities to Share the GospelFamily

December has been a wonderful month, aside from all the sickness. Everyone in the family but me came down with a flu-like bug over Christmas, and they are still trying to get completely well. Thankfully, we still got to enjoy being with family and friends for the Christmas holiday.

Soul Winning

While soul winning back in Jacksonville, North Carolina, I met a young military family. The wife, Emily, trusted Christ as her Saviour. I am amazed at how open the young families in Jacksonville have always been. I love knocking doors here, as 75% of the folks are young married couples that are just getting started and have all kinds of questions. This is such an opportune time to present the Gospel, as they are looking for answers to the many struggles of life.


December was a little lean on the traveling side. We took a good bit of time to be home in Jacksonville, as I needed to get caught up on a few things. Deputation has been an eye-opening process. If I had known how difficult it was, I would have treated every phone call from a missionary a little differently when I was a pastor. God has used this to teach me many lessons.

Our family wants to send a special “Thank You” to all those who sent a special Christmas offering. It was appreciated more than you know.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

● Pray that we will learn Spanish.
● Pray for the people of Puerto Rico.
● Pray for our RV to sell.


Jon and Misty Wrightson