Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: Moving Right AlongFamily

Things are going well with the family. Kayla and Susanna have started working full-time and adjusting to adulthood. Jonathan and Daniel are going to a Christian school, and they are both super excited about having made their basketball teams. Annabelle is even cuter and more precious than ever. She has us laughing every day! I highly recommend having a baby at 45 years of age; it makes me feel 20 years younger. Ha! Ha!

Soul Winning

I was privileged to preach in a Christian school last month, and a second grader trusted Christ as his Saviour. His teacher later told me that he was so excited about it that he wanted to tell his mother right away.


East Coast Baptist Church is moving right along. We have put in an application to the school board and hope to be able to rent a public school facility, starting in December. We are still meeting in the hotel conference room, and it has been good, but I feel like a school would make visitors feel a little more welcomed. We attended a wonderful Missions Conference in West Virginia at the Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church. Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas, donated money for us to buy a portable digital piano, which is a huge blessing. We cannot wait to pick one out and use it for God’s glory.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

• Trying to sell our 15-passenger van (2018 Ford Transit).
• A more permanent building and the start of a midweek service
• Deliah Sitorious – seven-year-old little girl with brain cancer (rare mutation)
• Alex Sitorious – injured in Iraq and has to have some major surgeries for hips and knees


Pastor Jon R. Wrightson