Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter:  I'm Sure Glad Is Willing to Use MeFamily

Wow! November was a great month on deputation. Just having my entire family together has been such a blessing. Annabelle is getting used to traveling (Ha! Ha!).

Soul Winning

We were back in Jacksonville for Thanksgiving. While attending Coastline on a Sunday morning, an old friend introduced me to Wesley, a young man who was having a difficult time with life. I shared the glorious Gospel with him, and he was saved. After the morning service, he followed in believer’s baptism. Also, Javier, who was saved a few weeks back, was able to be there on Sunday with his entire family. I still don’t know why God would be willing to use a sinner like me, but I am sure glad He does.


We were privileged to attend the very first Missions Conference at Green Valley Baptist Church in Middletown, Virginia. From there we went to the Missionary Christmas at Fellowship Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina. Wow, were we spoiled! The gifts and the hospitality were amazing. We were also in Georgia this month at Lighthouse Baptist Church. We were excited to get back to Jacksonville, North Carolina, for a relaxing Thanksgiving. When we arrived, we found our home taken over by mold, so we had to find a different place to relax. As always, God used a bad situation to show His power, and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

● Remodeling FBC Ceiba
● Safety as we travel and raise support


Jon R. Wrightson