Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: BlessingsFamily

Everyone in the Wrightson clan is doing well, and we truly appreciate your prayers and support. Annabelle is growing up so fast and keeps us old parents on our toes. The boys are really enjoying basketball season. Please continue to pray for Misty’s mom; she is doing much better but still has a few lingering issues from her bout with COVID, which we are praying will be resolved soon.

Soul Winning

I knocked on a door near our church, and a young Marine from California answered. He was very interested in hearing the Gospel but did not receive Christ as his Saviour. Please pray that he will be saved before he ships out in three months. Every time I meet a young Marine, I can’t help but think of all the fears I had at the age of 21 and how the Word of God answered all those fears after I trusted Christ as my Saviour.


The church family has stayed pretty steady through January. The families that we do have are having some real health issues, so please continue to pray for our folks. The Sitorious family found out last week that there is no cure for Deliah’s rare type of brain tumor. The Doerr family did get some great news, as Randy’s tumor seems to be shrinking. Please continue to pray for these dear families.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

• Trying to sell our 15-passenger van (2018 Ford Transit)
• A more permanent building
• Deliah Sitorious – seven-year-old little girl with brain cancer (rare mutation)
• Alex Sitorious – injured in Iraq and has to have hip and knee surgeries


Pastor Jon R. Wrightson