Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: Annabelle Grace Has Arrived!Family

Kayla has decided to wait a year before going to college so she can spend some time with her new baby sister, and I am not complaining. The long- awaited arrival of baby Annabelle Grace has come, weighing in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 21.5 inches long. The doctor said Annabelle is truly a miracle baby, as her cord was in a true knot, as well as all the difficulties Misty had with pregnancy. She has brought so much joy to deputation.

Soul Winning

We recently went soul winning in Iowa. I was privileged to witness to an elderly gentleman who served this great country back in 1956-1959 in the Air Force. Then while out soul winning, we met a doctor and presented Christ to him. He said he was already saved and spoke with us about how good God had been in his life. As we were leaving his driveway, he came outside and handed me a $50.00 bill to spend on my family. It’s always a blessing to share Christ.


We have been to several churches in North Carolina and Iowa. We were at a Missions Conference with Pastor Brown and Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa. What a blessing that was. It was a great conference with great folks; we were truly spoiled there.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

● Remodeling First Baptist Church Ceiba
● Misty’s recovery from her C-section
● Safety in travels
● New vehicle – Yukon with 370,000 miles is having issues. (looking for a Nissan NV)


Jon R. Wrightson

Baby Annabelle Grace