Jon and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: The Gospel Is Still Being Preached in Spite of Another LockdownHello from sunny Thailand! I pray that you and your church family are doing well. We are thankful for your prayers for us, and we pray for you also. After the July 4th weekend, our province and most of Thailand went into another code-red lockdown. Since that time, our church has had online meetings only due to gatherings being limited to five people. There have been more COVID cases in our city and surrounding areas than ever before. Although this sounds like bad news, the Gospel is still being preached, physical needs are still being met, and people are still trusting in Christ. We are praying that we will be able to meet together soon but are trusting the Lord’s timing. Please pray that we will be able to help others physically and spiritually during this time.

Last month, Brittany woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in her lower back. We had to break the curfew to drive to the hospital, and, thankfully, no police stopped us. After running several tests, the doctor told us it was a kidney infection. Brittany was in a lot of pain and was physically drained. The doctors advised us to check her into the hospital for IV antibiotics and fluids for hydration. She stayed there for two nights before being cleared to come home. She is still recovering but doing much better. We are so thankful for a good local hospital and doctors and for close missionary friends and Brittany’s grandma, who helped watched Judah while we were at the hospital.

During this time, I have been teaching our teen class online and visiting some of our church families in the local area to drop off food and pray with them. Many of the parents are without work during this time, and most of the kids have to learn school online all day and complete hours of homework. Much is expected of them, but not much love is shown towards them. Please pray that they will know the love of Jesus and that we can point them to Him. It has been encouraging to see them watch the teen service and interact online and send us pictures of notes taken from the sermons.

Our ministry continues to help families in the community with our food-bag program. It’s amazing to see people, whom we have never met before these recent uncertain times, trusting Christ. Please pray for our friend Baw, who recently trusted Christ. She is a single mom who has had to shut down her business due to government COVID regulations. Please pray for her to grow in the Lord as she reads the Bible.

Our church also has the opportunity to help a local volunteer ambulance station. We have put together some boxes of first-aid kits to put in their vehicles, along with Gospel tracts. Next week we will be going to the station to give them the boxes and present the Gospel to the medics. Please pray for me, as I will be preaching to them. I pray that they will come to know the Great Physician personally. Thank you all for your prayers and support for our family.

In His service,

Jonathan, Brittany, and Judah Beil