John Hays Prayer Letter: Testimonies From UgandaJesus Christ is being proclaimed, and drinking water is being treated, person by person and village by village, throughout the world in 2020.

These four testimonies are from ongoing work in Uganda since 2015. The common thread is that when people drink contaminated water, they either become sick; or, even worse, they die. We praise the Lord Jesus Christ that the Gospel was given to all. He has provided a harvest of much fruit (souls) for His kingdom.

(1) For over five years now, ever since you introduced the Chlorine Solution to Uganda, we have endeavored to effectively teach, demonstrate, and distribute the systems to over 200 communities, each comprising over 8,000 people who for so long were embattled to succumbing to severe water-borne diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery, etc., resulting from the high consumption of contaminated water. The Chlorine Solution has proven to be highly effective in removing pathogens, bacteria, parasites, and viruses from the water people drink now.

We have received many various testimonies from time to time, year per year, from many different people who make and who use the Chlorine Solution, sharing with us the impact we left in their communities due to the introduction of the solution to them. We would love to share with you a few of these testimonies below:

(2) “The Chlorine Solution is easy to make and can be used easily in households. It is not too scientific to master, yet the results in treating the water from contamination indeed have been the best since the people that I have given it to, along with my family and me, who were succumbing to typhoid and dysentery. We could spend so much. We didn’t even have hospitals, and many times we lost our loved ones. But now ever since we started using the Chlorine Solution in our drinking water, that all has surely become history to us.” —Pastor Benson Situma from Bugiri District, a distributor of chlorine to over 100 families on a daily basis since 2017

(3) “I am the headmaster of Devine Nursery and Primary School. We have over 1,000 pupils/students that come from different locations, but they come to school without drinking water. Many are succumbing to bacterial/fungal skin infections. Among the girls 13 years of age in the highest classes, they always complained of urinary tract infections. However, ever since we introduced the use of the Chlorine Solution at school—in the bathrooms, washrooms, and handwashing taps, we have seen total control of these infections and viruses that used to spread a lot.

Also, the nurse at the school uses this solution as first aid to children that come to school with or get injury wounds while playing and running around, and indeed the solution has greatly proven to stop bleeding and hasten the healing of wounds. To us at school here, we are very grateful for this drug.” —Peter Okech

(4) “Thank you so much, Pastor Kenneth Wafula, for the great gift of Chlorine Solution System you gave to me and my family to use serve my community. We are happy to report to you that more than 100 families receive the Chlorine Solution on a daily basis for their house-hold use—no more water-borne diseases so far in those homes, and we are excited to say we are living happily with enough safe drinking water.

I personally have sustained my beautiful, big family of over 12 people through earnings I make from the supply of this solution. We are able to have meals and support our house church with our tithe.

The demand for this solution from us is increasing, and this proves the effectiveness of the solution in its different uses. As Seeta community, we believe God used you to donate to us this system, and may God bless everyone who is involved in this great lifesaving and protecting innovation. God bless you indeed! I remain, Kasiimu Seruwangi.”

We have registered many testimonies, and we can share again and again because my team and I have been encouraged from month to month to serve our devasted communities every time we have had these testimonies. We are devoted and dedicated to ensuring that all communities, especially those that are highly prone to water-borne diseases, not suffer anymore but rather get education and proper demonstrations on the use of the Chlorine System so they can continue saving lives in their communities.

All of these things have happened and continue to happen because of the grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ, and we truly have never forgotten to tell everyone we have met while on this journey in these communities about Him and to make Him a mighty Saviour and Lord in their lives. Also, for the Lord, He has ripened and harvested much fruit (souls) for His kingdom, and we bless His name!

Thank you and may God bless you for the great support.

Yours in Christ,

Kenneth Wafula