John Hays Prayer Letter:  Opening DoorsThe Lord Jesus is opening doors into 1,000 villages around the world. The Gospel and water-treatment systems are given. See a story of one such village:

Greetings to You From Malawi,

Two weeks ago, my team and I were in Nami Tambo Community. This community is one facing troubles regarding the need for safe water. The people used to drink water collected from rivers and streams, which are very dirty and unsafe. When we went there, we formed a team, which we trained on how to make chlorine and how to disciple. The waters that people use cause so many diseases, such as stomach pain, opening bowels, and many water-borne diseases, which kill many people every year. By the time we went there, the situation was much worse, and many people were suffering. After training this team, we gave them a generator and battery, and in two weeks’ time, they were able to produce 300 bottles, which they distributed to 300 families.

As I am reporting now, the community is totally healed after they started applying chlorine to their daily water; all the diseases are gone. No one is sick, and no one is in the hospital because of such diseases. The two weeks are not yet finished, but the land is healed. All the people are thanking God, and moreover, many souls are coming to Christ. House churches are increasing.

The work of training many teams in different communities and giving them generators and batteries for their use is still continuing. More updates are coming.

We are building 2,000 more chlorine generators and seeking Jesus’ help on traveling with 12 missionaries into remote villages to present both waters.

His water boy,

John Hays