John Hays Prayer Letter: Obeying the Great Commission“. . . All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore . . . .”
(Mathew 28:18-19)

The Lord Jesus Christ is having His perfect will accomplished, in spite of every reason to quit. We have faced trials to obey the Great Commission. We have prayed, broken but yet hopeful. God is providing miracles to obey and NOT compromise.

Our Lord says, “Go!” At the same moment, we face travel restrictions, customs, language, and no face-to-face meeting issues. Let me share with you how FAITH conquered and moved mountains and how souls are being harvested so far in 2021.

The big picture is that distributing over 400 Klor Gen systems (chlorine generators) in that many villages in 7 countries is underway. This makes perfect drinking water, and the distribution is followed with the Gospel. This is how Jesus presented in John 4. This all done by national missionaries and pastors.

Two Such Reports Out of 400 That Show Forth His Power

1. Our problems of language barriers and a lack of personal contact with the pastor had prevented the Great Commission in Nigeria. Prayer and more prayer to Christ made a miracle! All obstacles were removed. Two hundred systems arrived to a national pastor in Nigeria. His report follows.

Another local government area called Ngor Okpala, Imo State, Nigeria—we are training local leaders to get prepared for a Community Pure Water Crusade! (This is 1 of 200 crusades.)

2. Guatemala, the second of 7 countries in 2021, had customs issues. Despite all customs being paid, the water-treatment systems were being returned to the USA. Through prayer and faith in God’s Word, this harvest field is now open. Both waters are being presented. See a frontline report below:

We were in a rural area of Guatemala, taking the sunscreens and water purifiers, so that our children have drinkable water and grow healthy. They thank everyone who makes this wonderful project possible. We traveled outside the capital city to a place where water is scarce, and they drink in plastic barrels or buckets that they collect from the rain!

That weekend we were in a Camotan Village in Guatemala; it is known as the dry corridor, because it is a place where they do not have water. A tanker truck takes water for all the inhabitants and for all their needs, including drinking water. Leading ladies from their communities, villages, hamlets, and cantons received their water purifier to drink, the solar panel, and the battery; and others received the battery charger so that the inhabitants of their cantons, hamlets, and communities can benefit all the children of these ladies. Many received the New Testaments, and many received Jesus in their hearts. We pray for them. It was a great blessing, dear brothers and sisters, because in addition to bringing them this donation that you made possible thanks to your donations, many received Jesus into their hearts!!

All praise to Christ. We could have compromised and not obeyed. Thanks for your prayers!

An upcoming trip will be into Liberia, Africa. We are reaching out to 150 villages using national pastors. Pray that we will have God’s hand upon us. We obey and walk by faith, gaining victory. The Gospel is given along with treating their water.

Your prayers are needed. I’m desperate for the Lord Jesus Christ.

John Hays