John Hays Prayer Letter: God's Water BoyGod is reaching 4 new villages a day in 2021 with the Gospel through drinking-water purification. He has led me to Peru and Liberia.

God is working in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. God sent me with 90 systems to reach deep into the jungle on the Amazon River. I joined up with Team Peru. We saw 145 accept Jesus and 4 get baptized.

God is working in Liberia, Africa. God sent me to train 150 pastors in water treatment in May 2021. All 160 systems were distributed to about 170 pastors. Some are sharing the same one due to a lack of chlorine generators in Liberia. Many testimonies and calls come in daily from these pastors. Every day, visitors are coming to church to pick up chlorine, and the Gospel is being preached.

Each of the six meetings with pastors started as instructional, and at the end, some three hours later, they were singing and praising God for the gift of water! We also visited a hospital, a clinic, an orphanage, and a school. The Gospel and water treatment were given, and many accepted Jesus.

Plans are to return to Liberia and Sierra Leon, the country which adjoins Liberia. Their water has problems in Muslim villages. Next week, an independent, fundamental Baptist preacher from Liberia will be visiting churches in Sierra Leon and setting up meetings with national pastors. Please pray that the Muslims will listen to the Gospel and not be violent. The scope will be 150 – 200 pastors and churches. We will only go to growing, church-planting, evangelical churches. The target day will be between January and April 2022.

The demand for more chlorine systems in Liberia from pastors nationwide has grown to 200. These will be supplied immediately.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and financial support. I thank God that, through FBMI, I have been connected with soul-winning churches in these countries. As a result, the countless fruit will be credited to those who support this ministry.

His water boy,

John Hays
Pure Water for All Foundation