Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Prayer Letter:  New OpportunitiesIn one of our prayer updates earlier this year, we mentioned that Rachel has had the wonderful blessing and open door to start a Sunday school class at the orphanage for the older children who able to understand and participate. Rachel started teaching at the “beginning.” It has been challenging, yet exciting, for her to teach them God’s Word in a structured way and see them begin to understand some very basic Bible truths. Not long ago the first child made a decision to accept Christ. He is the oldest boy at the orphanage, and though he is very shy, he has soaked up the teaching. Please pray with us that he will continue to grow in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord and that the rest of the precious children (attached picture) will trust Christ as their personal Saviour as early in their lives as possible.

It has been almost a year since arriving in Tabora. Any move is a major undertaking for sure. This one, however, has been the most involved of all of our many moves throughout the years. Thankfully, we were able to move all of our belongings from two continents to the house, except for those we are using at the orphanage. This in itself was a complete miracle. We are finally nearing the completion of the renovations on the house we will be renting. They have turned out to be quite extensive, to say the least; and if it were not for the Lord’s clear leading, we surely would have given up on this house long ago. We do realize that God has had a purpose in allowing the work to move at such a slow pace and that His timing is perfect. As a matter of fact, some things have come to light recently that could have significantly affected the ministry had we moved in earlier. Please now pray with us that the electrician, carpenter, and tile layer will finish their work in a timely manner, as promised to the owner.

Since we now have a good, reliable vehicle with which to do ministry, the Lord has opened another opportunity for us. On Sunday mornings we have begun to preach out in a village called Ndevelwa. The Faith Baptist Church there is currently without a pastor. They have experienced struggles with pastors over the years, and they have asked us to preach and help them find a pastor. Please pray with us that God would very quickly burden the heart of a man whom HE could use for His honor and glory to pastor the church. Last week Rachel started teaching the children in Sunday school, which has not taken place for a very long time. The spirit of the church is reviving. Praise the Lord!

The spirit of Faith Baptist Church at Ipuli is reviving as well. This past week we had a teacher from a nearby English medium school visit the services. He met Sarah and Timothy the week before while they were walking to church. He went with them all the way to the church to see where it was located and then promised he would return the following week. He kept his promise, and it turns out that he had trusted Christ many years ago and grew up in Baptist churches in Uganda. Since coming to Tanzania, he has not been to a Baptist church and is thrilled that one is so close to where he lives. Another visitor came with a family in the church. At the end of the service, she indicated that she would like to join the church. Rachel had the opportunity to explain that the first step was to place her faith in Jesus Christ. She eagerly listened to the Gospel and trusted Christ as her own personal Saviour.

We are so thankful for the way the Lord has opened the doors of ministry here in Tabora, Tanzania, and you have had a part through your faithful prayers. We have not asked for one opportunity, and yet the Lord has allowed me to do the preaching on Sunday mornings at two different locations, Sunday evening at the orphanage, and then every weekday morning at the orphanage. Rachel, Sarah, and Timothy have been running the Sunday schools in each location.

While Rachel and I were waiting for our car in Dar es Salaam, we had to use a Bajaji (picture attached) to get around. As we rode along, we would witness to every “captive” driver. One driver, with whom I had shared the Gospel every time he drove us, finally turned off his Bajaji and trusted Christ right then and there.

Three people from Faith Baptist Church at Ipuli have finished all 20 discipleship lessons, which includes memorization of 30 Bible verses. The last two were a father and son (picture attached).

“Life is simply our faith in HIS grace!”